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hurgle gurgle i desire the companionship and affection of cats

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hurgle gurgle i now have the companionship and affection of two cats

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hand flapping is fun but kinda hurts my wrists :(

imagine having both immortality and the inability to feel pain... you'd be unstoppable

my shift hasnt even started yet and im already ready to go home

money money 

yee boys, got my tax return, have now managed to save up 15k aud

what the fuck, MPs send random citizens birthday cards now???

the steam deck looks pretty good. i'm not really in a hurry though so i'll wait until the price drops or someone gets bored of it and buy it second hand.

nyeeheehee gonna get platform boots nyeeheehee gonna get so tall

agjakhshhs it's paid off my cats have finally learned to associate the tune i whistle with food

doing an aboriginal culture online module for work and i understand that the people who made it are trying to break down stereotypes and whatnot but it's very funny to me because this is literally the first time i've been exposed to aboriginal stereotypes

never written whump before. whumptober's coming up, i might just start.

love spending 10 minutes on a post before being like 'yknow what, nevermind' and fucking off

just saw someone use 'wut' and was immediately slungshot back to 2013

as soon as lockdown is over i'm gonna go bungee jumping. i'm an adult with money now i can afford it.

partly it was because i realised my statement was dumb halfway through but mostly because i just couldn't be bothered with words over three syllables

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rapping at your chamber door. busting out my best rhymes at your chamber door

auspol, covid-19 

πŸ€” A COVID exit strategy based on a humane approach to collective healthcare

:blobhyperthink: A COVID exit strategy based on The Croods (2013)

im really getting worse at talking. yesterday i tried to say 'patient confidentiality' and gave up in middle, ending up with 'patient conf...whatever'

a few hours after vaccine 

no flu symptoms but damn are my feet and hands cold. not unusual but they usually warm up after a few minutes in bed. guess i'll just have to sleep with cold feet :/

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