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hurgle gurgle i desire the companionship and affection of cats

if you were to like, actually build a battledroid, would you put the core in the head or chest? which one is more likely to be hit? which one is more defensible?

listen i get that failure is a learning experience or whatever but logic has little hold on emotion

a proper job interview... i picked out a professional outfit and everything. maybe it'll save me even if i fumble during. maybe not. can only hope.


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today's fanfic dilemma: trans ppl in an a/b/o setting

i'm afraid of spiders but i also think they're very cool


oh shit i got the job interview
...what the Fuck does an administration officer do

been thinking about true matriarchal societies recently and the values that would change and the values that would stay the same

why are vegan chips all either ridiculously expensive or sweet chilli flavoured

angsty human male protagonist: i've killed so many people, i'm a monster
actual supernatural creature: that's cultural appropriation

fucking hate dreams where im being chased yet they seem to happen most often

the jarring feeling of remembering you exist, you have a physical body and appearance which others associate with you

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