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hurgle gurgle i desire the companionship and affection of cats


"-action-adventure game with smooth controls and animation-"
me: dozing
"-interact with npcs to unlock character bios and backstory-"

man, there sure are a lot of things going on this friday, sep 20. area 51 raid, nintendo switch lite release, and the global climate strike.

i appear to be developing a gut. not sure how to feel about this. should probably do some exercise.

skin, infections 

today, i officially become one year closer to the end of my lifespan

listen. cruggs are amazing as house slippers. when it gets hot just take the cloth bits out and let the holey crocs ventilate your feet.

i had a dnd session tonight but i'm contagious and that's dangerous in an enclosed space :(

i didnt realise tonic water was bitter so now im stuck with a bitter fucking drink

"What time is it?" I don't know... it keeps changing.

UNfortunately my first response to stress happens to be freeze.

the promised neverland is a good anime but... it's not a survival game, it's just survival.

mental health 

couldn't resist, bought played and finished the first two volumes of pesterquest.
it was good.

alright so apparently the best way to start pushups is against the wall, and im still not sure why i always thought i had to start with the hardest first

"thank you for your consideration and i hope to hear from you soon"
translation: HIRE ME BITCH

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