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hurgle gurgle i desire the companionship and affection of cats

from now on i will be exclusively referring to lelouch as 'the soup store guy'

*checks the last update of my fanfic* it's been /how long/??? 3 years?????

if i didnt hate school so much i'd get a phd just for that sweet sweet gender neutral title.

called academy sports again to ask if underarmour or whoever has invented athletic fetish gear for track enthusiasts yet. they told me they're gonna hunt me down and crush my cell phone under the manager's hummer if i ask them one more time about running gags

people talk about skin hunger like it's universal, but i dont think it is? or at least different people feel it to different extents.

please tell me xenoblade 2 has costumes. i cannot bear with pyra's stupid booty shorts thong with straps thing and boobsocks any longer.

the best part of being a movie extra was that i got to see simu liu shirtless in person

gonna get xenoblade 2 just bc it has a gacha system. i love gacha but not microtransactions so this is perfect.

i have put wolves with corrosive saliva/blood as a first fight in half the swords and magic stories i've written and i wasn't even aware of it til now.

Phlebotomist, after ten minutes tapping my arm trying to find a vein: Blood test's come back negative. No blood detected.

no cat to squish spiders so i gotta do it myself

deffo not looking forward to jan and feb next year, but autumn is looking pretty great

a racist came by drive thru and she was just so... stereotypically white, it's funny in hindsight. light blonde hair long, blue eyes, denim jacket, ranted at me for something small.

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