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hurgle gurgle i desire the companionship and affection of cats

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hurgle gurgle i now have the companionship and affection of two cats

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suddenly remembered my aunt or something in china who would pour black sesame seeds in a cup and mix it with sugar and let me eat it

everyday i am grateful that mindreaders dont exist. if you do, thanks for minding your own business.

you ever see someone who makes you go 'jesus fucking christ if they put you in a jail cell you could just slip through the bars no problem'
legs the same thickness as my arms

always feel awkward about being treated by people, so i gotta remind myself that i like to treat my friends so it's good to let them do the same too.

yeah ok one could NEVER mistake vodka for water in a way other than appearance

pimple :( 

this is legit the first pimple i've ever popped. 21 years of clear skin and suddenly there's a painful zit in the crease of my nose. im blaming the masks.


where are my resources for the other kind of anorexic, the non-nervosa kind

what is it with teenage boys and one armed side hugs

picking at my fingers and nails (bad for me) vs tapping on things (annoying to everyone else)

big fan of harm reduction. just, i think it's really great.

really too bad i find protein shakes intolerable. they're so easy to eat.

...these calorie counting sites are also pretty great for discovering the most calorie dense foods. on my bad days i could just. eat spoonfuls of butter. maybe not butter, cheese. buy a 200g wheel of triple cream brie and just munch down.

matthew devick if i ever find out who you are it's on sight. stop getting your goddamn number wrong and giving them mine instead. i am this 👌 close to phoning every number similar to mine and screaming.

hate winter >:( my knuckle's split from how dry it is and it itches >:(((

cant say im a fan of mitski, honestly. her songs are about like, yearning and stuff and im just not about that.

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