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hurgle gurgle i desire the companionship and affection of cats

damn, seems im contractually forbidden to publicly talk shit about maccas now

pesterquest is good actually. the sprite artists did wonderful work you can really look at them and go:
"Ah. You are Babies"

i physically cannot do the "rock on" handsign with my left hand


i have one wish and that one wish is to be an extra on the set of shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings

fe3h spoilers 

ya pal's got a job interview 

ya pal's got a job interview 

social mimicry 


botw is both the most relaxing and stressful game i have ever played

why is it 33 degrees i hate australia
too warm to be comfortable
not warm enough to justify air conditioning

I've been calling onions "the crying man's potato" for several years and I don't know why

Cyberpunk, food 

my friend's cat, minerva 

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