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Oh god how did a SLUG get into my dog's food bowl????? Inside the flat!!!!!!!! God I can't wait for winter when everything is dead again

I know the stereotype is about vegans but I don't feel like that's even accurate

People who smoke weed sure always want to make sure that you know they smoke weed.

Marijuana isn't a personality

Youtubers unionize 

in light of the #amazonfire I came across a Brazilian NGO that works to defend the amazon. They take donations:

(there's info on their transparency and projects on the site above)

this article also links a few charities to donate to in light of the fire:

it's important to note that most of the deforestation and human started fires in the #amazonas has been at the hands of the cattle/meat/dairy industry. (1/2)

it's hard being alternative when you're not a skinny white abled person huh

well as they say, necessity taught the naked woman to spin and all that, let's just diy this crap I guess.

I have made the mistake of deciding to watch a horror movie late at night during my first night alone again.

I am very smart.

At least dog is here I guess.

I was sadder than I expected to say goodbye to my mom this morning. Like, I'll see her again in November it's not a big deal, but... Living with her for a year was actually kind of nice? And not just because she's a good cook.

You know when you're writing, and everything is going fine and you're following your outline and then suddenly one character just goes "I'm hungry!" and everything just goes off the rails?

I need to write over 400 words a day for the rest of the year to reach my yearly target which I guess is not going to happen. Not once the semester starts up and I'm doing a full courseload... oh well

Our upstairs neighbours were a young couple with two kids under 5, and a puppy. They weren't loud or anything, but we could hear the kids running around in the mornings, and whenever they were telling the dog off.

When they moved out, they said they'd sold their flat to a "quiet old lady," so we were looking forward to peace and quiet with the elderly woman.

So anyway, apparently to them, a "quiet old lady" is a woman in her fifties, who for some reason blasts rave music all day...

how to ensure I wont disable my content blocker on your site: pop up a modal telling me how important it is that I disable my content blocker on your site and how you promise to not do anything shady and hold your ad network to the highest standards.

My embroidery went to crap and I feel overwhelmed just looking at it and I don't know where to start with fixing it *big sigh*

I'd rather have a dozen movies about Dracula fighting Sherlock Holmes than one single media company decimating the concept of public domain for the sake of their comic book blockbusters

all these spiderman stans need to discover what fanfiction is stat bc i dont have time to watch them beg corporations to sell things to them

First her liquor's top shelf updated after like.. 5 years, and now this???? Like first of all I guess I can thank game of thrones' shit ending for bringing all the fic writers back? 馃槀 But secondly god I'm so happy I'm so grateful I'm so full of love and joy!!!

I was gonna go to sleep but I guess now I need to reread from chapter one... It's been 7 years after all.... God what a happy day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Into the Wood updated????? This is not a drill, into the wood updated????????????

It's only been, what. 7 years or so.

Oh my god!!!!!!!!!隆!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Into the wood updated?!!!!!!!!!???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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