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Oh jesus I should say that I'm the most dramatic asshole on the planet and my favourite type of humour is also just being super dramatic

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Hello I made my own mastodon instance but it's fairly niche interest specific but anyway I'm going to be following people from there probably? I can't be arsed to do a migration lol anyway no obligation to follow back just because we were mutuals before or anything

Kickstarter to found a .acab TLD.

Also, here's an example of a two-users thread. As you can see, I can see my identity but not the other person’s. If me and that person were friends, we’d be able to recognize each other across the website!

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Hello! It's been some time but I'm back with another update. The first post on BobaBoard has officially been made!

See it in the attachment, both with identity hidden and revealed!

I have not been able to get any vanilla extract anywhere for the past two months!!!!!! I'm trying to bake sympathy cakes for my coworker!!!!!

I've been lurking a lot these days but im still here hi

this would be considered too unsubtle for environmental storytelling in a fps

france, islamophobia, pandemic 

France will still ban Islamic face coverings even after making masks mandatory - CBS News
They just went and proved their face coverings ban is 100% about racism

My phone is making a weird noise and I don't know why, some sort of gentle "blop" sound but I've no idea what causes it and it's really annoying lol

THEM: gender critical

ME: I agree, modern perceptions of gender and their stereotypical roles are outdated, and something to be intensely critical of. The entire concept of gender as it currently exists in the mainstream, particularly as a simplistic and fixed binary which correlates with a comparably simplistic view of sexual dimorphism, should probably be heavily revised, if not completely abolished

THEM: no not like that

* The first horse in the world was called Eugene.
* Horses have diplomatic immunity in most nations.
* The fastest recorded speed of a horse was 155mph driving a Ford Mustang.
* You are never more than 20 feet from a horse.
* All horses are communists.
* A group of horses is called "a lot".

It's complete btw I'm posting as I edit

(well I'm still working on the epilogue but that's just a cherry on top isn't it)

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ummm idk if anyone here is still in bandom in the year of our lord 2020 but I recently started posting my fic on ao3 if you wanna take a look :)

With everything that's happening, I would like if everything is shutdown for 1 or 2 months every year like school summer holidays. What's the worst that could happen? We all can just lay back and chill. #fantasy

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