had a very helpful talk today with my therapist where she explained that it is a cardinal sin to borrow someone's chair for a sec, in an office environment.

I do not understand, but I guess I will follow this rule.

@Brennuvargur yeah, it doesn't tend to go down well. Certainly not if you start playing with a chair's settings. Though, could be a Brit thing.

@hit_the_books @Brennuvargur See, people in my office space do that all the time. I tend to get a bit annoyed when I come back to find someone sitting in my chair (mostly because they're rarely on the lookout for me and I have to stand there awkwardly or clear my throat before they notice. I wouldn't mind as much if they kept an eye out and got up when I came back) but it's not the end of the world. If it were me I'd probably want to sit down, too

@enchantedsleeper @hit_the_books hmm. Interesting. I would obviously keep an eye out for the owner but I guess since most people aren't very considerate, maybe it became for the best to ban it?

Honestly I'm just glad I know now, since it was like, an unspoken rule.

To be honest, I have to be careful visiting other people's work spaces due to allergies.

At a previous job, someone handed me a print out once and it was enough to set it off, as they'd been taking just about every med I'm allergic to.

@hit_the_books honestly I get the thing about the settings, but like, I just wanted to sit down for a second while someone was showing me things on his computer so I wouldn't have to bend over the whole time. But alas. Forbidden.

@Brennuvargur that's kind of...weird. like, if they are not sitting in it? And sure, if they are in that office that day you should probably keep an eye out for them coming back to use it, but you're just sitting and not moving it up and down etc then what's the problem?

@herdivineshadow I know, it doesn't make sense to me either but I guess I gotta abide by it

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