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“Basically, it’s hard slog. I think that’s what is all about. Obviously a modicum of talent, some really good ideas and a vivid imagination are all wonderful things. But basically 90 percent of it is just sheer hard slog. But good luck to anybody that wants to be a writer!”
- Jacqueline Wilson

Coming out of my well, actually, to splain mankind

sometimes i like to think about computers

other times i don't like to, but i have to do it anyway

I have this weird difficulty with managing multiple friendships. Like, idk, I'm used to just having like, *one* friend, and when I have more it's difficult? Idk how to explain it.

I was hoping peertube would integrate a bit nicer with mastodon but ah well I guess it's fine?

every day of my life I think about Antonia Bird's masterpiece, Ravenous (1999)

will farrell marrying a swedish lady is the worst thing that's ever happened to me

Let’s make a trans zine! 

Trans girls (especially UK!)

Where can I find shoes to fit? I don't have huge feet - they're EU size 44 or UK size 10 - but that seems to be just beyond the limit for most mainstream shoe shops.

I'm not looking for anything super fancy - just simple flat black shoes.

Well never mind I installed on the wrong HDD anyway and wiped the backups. I am truly a blunder.

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What use is a backup if you don't remember what tool you used to make it so how do you restore from it 😂😂😂

I am pro-recycling of course but
Recycling is hard when executive dysfunction.......

Doc Martin's are not winter shoes holy shit my toes are freezing


I feel like it shouldn't be this difficult to use my extra hard drives as storage for things like nextcloud and peertube, while having the actual installation on the teeny tiny SSD.

However. I give up. You win. I'm tired. I can't do this anymore.

Star Wars 

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