RPS, Loveline 

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So very satisfying to respond to a website that pops up with a request to disable my adblocker by opening the adblocker's picker tool and ripping out not only the popup but also every ad and autoplaying video and link to sponsored articles that got through anyway.

character face pic 

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It's freezing right now but I cant just run the heater all night so i'm listening to bossa nova mixes to keep warm

Ship manifestos need to make a return in my opinion.

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Why do I EVER start reading unfinished fic? WHY

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@kereudio the three dots on someone's profile have a 'hide all posts from this instance?' option I think

Okay i'm learning this Mastodon thing still but I think it's like this?

Mastodon is an MMO. Home is Local Chat. Local Timeline is Channel Chat. Federated Timeline is .. a smaller instance of World Chat? Continental Chat?

JJBA Stand OC for a character from another anime.

Tentative Name: Don't Stop Me Now


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