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About Me (revised) 

Hiya! I'm Dream: a multi-fandom artist, wannabe-fic-writer, and shipper of all things horrible.

I like helping people, as well as drawing and sobbing about my ships. I can be shy and/or over-talkative, but I hope we can be friends here! :D
:heart_bi: :heart_genderqueer: :over18:

I might post summaries of my creative psyc class chapters on dreamwidth, just bc there's a lot I wanna cover?

So if you're interested in that stuff, come on over! It'll be a while before I post it

Excited note: I feel like both creators and fandom geeks alike are great examples of creativity. Fandom shares a lot of parallels to the creative process.

The synthesis of multiple familiar ideas to generate a new, creative concept.

Encouraging others to master their domains (writing, cosplay, etc.), leading to a deeper understanding of their artform.

Allowing ppl to play with their creative pursuits, thus incubating their previous hard work to generate even more insightful ideas!

AHH!! ❤️

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Creativity: What The Heck Is It (FIN) 

So, in conclusion!

When a person tells you that something you've made is "uncreative" or "unoriginal", think about how all these types, definitions, and elements can influence one another. They can mix and match and go all over the place.

So sure, society can determine what's creative... but you can too.

Btw, if you do any one of those 5 types of creativity I mentioned... you're a creative person. It's scientifically proven. Sorry. No take-backs. 👍

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Creativity: What The Heck Is It (9) 

Not done yet! To find out where creativity comes from, we apply the 2 definitions (and 5 types) toward 4 different sections of research:

Person = What personality types/traits are associated w/ creativity? little c

Product = What products are deemed new and important by any one social group? Big C

Process = What are the processes used for creative work/thought?

Press = What are the influences from society and culture that impact creativity?

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Creativity: What The Heck Is It (8) 

Emergentive = Think of something completely new for its time. Entire schools of thought and art domains were created to dedicate themselves to studying this thing. This is like, cultural, societal, Big C stuff.
Ex.) The emergence of Jazz music. You like jazz?

Those are the 5 types of creativity, which can be mixed and matched w/ little c (think gem fusion) and Big C (think ROCKSTAR). You can start to "see" how wide this umbrella term is getting already. 😉

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Creativity: What The Heck Is It (7) 

Inventive = You're on the brink of discovery! Inventors, scientists, explorers! You've got techniques and methods and materials, now you're just trying to do something w/ them.
Ex.) Dr. Frankenstein, making his monster

Innovative = You're just trying to improve and modify things to make a new, better thing! It requires a lot of thought process though.
Ex.) Someone who constantly tinkers with stuff to make it even better than before.

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Creativity: What The Heck Is It (6) 

Expressive = Identity, emotions, thoughts. Doesn't matter how well-done your work is, or how much of it there is, as long as it expresses YOU.
Ex.) Art therapy; children's' drawings

Productive = You're trying to be the very best, like no one ever was. You're gunning for quality here, mastering the skills and techniques of your field. You're abiding by the rules, which kinda limits how much you can play around.
Ex.) Art apprenticeships from ye olden days.

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Creativity: What The Heck Is It (5) 

* I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Social novelty doesn't outweigh personal novelty. What's new to you IS original.

An idea doesn't have to be, & often isn't, world shattering in order to be considered a "truly creative" idea. (It /can/ be, but it's not a requirement nor is it realistic. Usually that recognition only happens after you die.)

Moving onto the 5 types of creativity! Expressive, productive, inventive, innovative, and emergentive.

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Creativity: What The Heck Is It (4) 

Some notes:

* If you have a super cool idea but you never write it, draw it, whathaveyou (i.e. it's stuck in your head), the idea's not creative. It's imaginative. The only way your idea can become creative is if you create it irl.

* Social value and appropriateness changes with history, probably like every generation.
AKA, you can't really "please" society, but they can please themselves by somehow appealing their interests and values to your work.

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Creativity: What The Heck Is It (3) 

The 4 elements are just the requirements for these definitions. Basically, the thing can't be defined as creative if it doesn't meet either definition's requirements.

little c =
* New (for the person), not part of a routine or something you've seen/thought/done before
* Combination of ideas
* Expressed irl

Big C =
* New for social group
* Important/Appropriate/Useful for social group

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Creativity: What The Heck Is It (2) 

There's 2 official definitions. One for personal (individual) use, and one for societal use; little c and Big C, respectively.

little c = An idea that is, in some way, expressed irl as a new combo of already existing ideas.
(Specifically 2 or more ideas, never combined before by this person). Fusion!

Big C = A product that's been created where one (or more) social groups see it as a socially new and valuable Thing, marking it down in history. Think ROCKSTAR!

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Creativity: What The Heck Is It (1) 

There's so many kinds of creativity. Despite common belief, creativity is not a singular trait, it's more of an umbrella term -- An umbrella for multiple elements each unique to its own thread.

tl;dr: What you know as creativity might not be as singular or straightforward as you think.

So what's the definition of creativity? Good question! You'll be sorry you asked. There's 2 official definitions, 4 elements, 5 types, and 4 research divisions. Let's roll.

Y'all mind if I infodump some more psyc info on creativity? Bc that's gonna happen again. Teaching others helps me learn faster adfsdgds

Me, about 5 minutes ago: why wont anyone reblog my art

I miss fic reqs for popular ships on tumblr... going through AO3 on my own is a hefty journey

Don't feel bad or ashamed if you spend your week-end sleeping, resting.

It's *it's purpose*.

And in itself, resting is **not** doing nothing.

It's taking care of yourself, and allowing to gather back some energy. Some time to yourself.

Resting *is* doing something, for you. And it's a good thing to do sometimes.

Tbh I'm especially in love with Psyc of Creativity bc like...
1) I fear I'll never be creative enough,
2) I used to fear that I'll never be able to be a writer bc "I'm just not creative in that way".

But, 1) Baloney, I can practice and grow;
2) Writing creativity is just the same as art creativity is just the same as scientific creativity. They exercise the same figurative muscles, just in different perspectives.

If you got the drive to be creative, you can practice your way to victory!! ✌️

Psyc of Creativity, infodump pt. 5 

* Visualization exercises are also strongly encouraged. Daydreaming, image streaming, all that jazz!! There's all kinds of exercises in the book.

* Prof. keeps recommending that we keep an idea log where we can generate 6 ideas daily for our current work.

Burning out here, so I'mma hop off. But is great guys, just saying.

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Psyc of Creativity, infodump pt. 5 

* Seeing from another person's/object's perspective and using empathy for their POV is strongly encouraged

* Fear is THE block to creativity because of all the rules and judgments it imposes on the creative process.
(e.g. "Marbles and volcanoes don't go together, you idiot!")

* Free associations, and linking the two (or three, etc.) together no matter how much you gotta stretch it, is one of the essences of creative practice.

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Psyc of Creativity, infodump pt. 4 

* Two elements of Creativity = Novel and useful to your goal.

* Novelty = defined as widely or as personally as you want. It can be novel as in, "Nobody has ever thought of this before". Or it can be novel as in, "I have never heard of/experienced/seen this before!" Both are creative. Personal doesn't outweigh social, and vice versa.

* Experimentation, associations, and empathy are huge key points to becoming more creative. Even more so is doing these freely.

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