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back from Escapade. I fucking miss my tribe already.

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I've been complaining about Netflix neglecting movies older than 1998 for the last six months, and it looks like they're fixing it. I just got a "since you watched The Third Man, maybe you'd like..." that was stuffed full of just the kind of stuff I've been looking for.

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Happy Valentines Day ❤️

Heart Courtesy Of (RIP) .

Location: Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku

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Is there any way to search for communities here? I keep discovering them accidentally when they're mentioned in posts, but I can't see them all when scrolling through the Directory, plus scrolling through the Directory is lengthy and inefficient. Is there a list of communities anywhere?
The ones I know of so far are:

!Venom Fanworks
!Audiofic & Podfic
!hubzilla help
!Fanzilla Bugs and Feature Requests

Are there others? It's not a "how to" thing so I hesitate to add a continually expanding list of them to the guide, but could we maybe have another gdoc to list all the comms as they're created? Or is there a way to locate them here that's better?

Martin Freeman pic, Pinter play, London 2019 

Twohander about hitmen waiting in a hotel room for instructions. Waiter

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I don't want a reboot.

I don't want any reboots.
I want new voices, new ideas ...

I want MORE stories, not the same stories retold over and over and over (which is barely possible these days).

American television needs to stop stealing, borrowing, remaking foreign material and it needs to stop rehashing it's own.

There's so much great art out there, so many stories being told in a variety of mediums.

American audiences and producers need to be open to taking more risks ...

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Didn't have time to make a full sketch today (probably later), but I did make a cute lil doodle I'm proud of! ✌️

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hey folks! i'm a 21-yr-old literature student who's currently procrastinating on writing fandom-related things.

i'm into like. a lot of fandoms??? obviously fx fargo. brba. hotline miami. saints row. tf2. i'm also currently watching through yu-gi-oh! duel monsters for the first time and i am, like, SUPER emotionally compromised.

i would love to bond with yall over , , nsfw/kinky fan works and fan meta, even if we don't share the same fandoms!

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Hot take: post-apocalyptic fiction is so popular because people desperately want to live lives that aren't yoked by capitalism, but are unable to even conceive of such a thing happening without the world ending first

well I've been in the fediverse all of 48 hours and now I'm reading ban-wank about accounts on two different instances. which does make a difference from the shitposting, but still, it was a throwback to fandom_wank...I think I've also figured out the meaning of a phrase that puzzled me two weeks ago, namely, to be horny on main. The HP movie-thon is gaining ground for the rest of my afternoon.

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This is a test post to clarify something on The Doc (basically, when we delete a post, what happens to shares of that post?)

So if someone would be so kind as to share this post for me, so that I can then delete it, and see what happens? TIA!

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Vent art question? 

Weird question, but like... I'm actually worried about being "too emo" with my depression 😂

If I posted fanart with heavy emotions or themes, would that be okay?

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**NewsGuard's 'real news' seal of approval helps spark change in fake news era**

"More than 500 news websites have made changes to their standards or disclosures after getting feedback from NewsGuard, a startup that created a credibility ratings system for news on the internet, the comp…"

#news #bot

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This article came up on Mastodon and it's incredibly interesting:

I think fandom has a leg up on the "Why should this matter to me?" question because we've just seen what happens when we're all on a corporate-owned network and they change policies. But we (as an early-adopter, tech-enthusiastic community) definitely have some work to do to make sure things are easy to use for everyone.

I am in need of something called activitypub/pubcrawl, so my Mastadon and Hubzilla folk can connect. Directions or a pointer to the right part of RTFM in either place very welcome.
In the meantime, I'm fandom-old, attending cons like Escapade and MediaWest, into Professionals and Sherlock BBC currently, and in the past Queer As Folk (US and UK), LOTR. is a community-supported instance designed for fans, fandom, and fandom content creators.