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Hi my name's Thorin. I'm a for

It started as Dwarf Fortress fanfiction and went horribly right. Now it's about the 3 L's , , and Lurking at the center of the world.

1,977 words. Teme is overstimulated by a new magical power that gives her a sort of synesthesia for secrets.

Did you know you can read the first two chapters of my for free? Wow. Imagine

1,290 words today. Kept having to take breaks to gush about how proud I am of my last couple chapters.

Oh no. I never decided how this king has at-a-distance communication

book stuff, cultural minutia 

-binary mages destroying the oppressive magical government is the representation I've been craving

There's a woodchuck eating plantain next to my porch, Hello sweet friend. RIP my porch

Guide to my book terminology:
Witchhunters - they're hunters that are also witches

Monster Hunters- they're hunters that are also monsters

Horse - a tiny forest animal that lives in herds

Deer - a dangerous large predator

Gender euphoria, hair removal 

Trying to think of a way for some characters to shuffle barrels around a bunch of rooms without being noticed by guards. All my video gaming experience, finally useful

Breath of the Wild 1 spoilers 

Linkle and Mipha are girlfriends which makes this game art

My novel also has a Jeb. Every rich family has one.

It's absurdly pretty. It has a Jeb/Jed which is a must for a comedic work, and at no point (so far) is the comedy at the expense of mentally ill people.

is a waaaay way better show than its name would suggest. I cannot draw to mind any other show that as intimately understands mental illness. Also, it's funny, which is not something I'd immediately trust if I'd heard it.

"There's this show maniac, about mental illness, and it's comedic" haha no. It's incredible though.

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