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Hi my name's Thorin. I'm a for

It started as Dwarf Fortress fanfiction and went horribly right. Now it's about the 3 L's , , and Lurking at the center of the world.

Teme's 30th chapter is up for all my patreon supporters. Wherein everybody meets up to plan the big breakout.

Can't believe TEME IS wasn't emblazoned on the until chapter 5-6. Well, that's what is for

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: oh let's just make a world where nobody worries about and just responds to whatever you give

: woops this is REALLY how do I talk about gender as soon as possible?

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Terra preta propagates itself and the benefits of making it last thousands of years. It holds water and nutrients better and increases agricultural yield because of the high carbon content. It also provides a home for beneficial bacteria, fungi microrhizomes and earthworms. And it increases soil pH, making it perfect for the acidic rainforest conditions.

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They used wood charcoal, broken pottery, bones, ashes, compost and other materials to create what settlers called "Terra preta." At first whites didn't credit the indigenous people with making this soil. They thought it was volcanos or brought in by river flooding. But it was the people, and they had been doing it since 450 BC.

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Much of the Amazon was planted and planned out by people. It took 4,500 years of soil building, careful plant selection and cultivation. Indigenous people did that.

Draft 2!
Ahhh I need to write so much more dialogue. Did a cursory edit of chapter 1. Chapter two needs to be filled with talking and split down the middle. Everything is zooming along here. Basically I get to write a new chapter right off the bat.

I've updated my patreon to reflect the progress of each of my books and added a bunch of synopses. If you're curious what I'm working on while I wait for feedback on my first draft of Prophet of Stone be sure to check it out


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Did you see where I wrote an entire novel about that started out as ? Follow your dreams

Dwarf Fortress, violence 

3215 words and oops that was the last chapter actually. I accidentally an entire book. It's drafted. The whole thing. I Did it

Gay for birds
Yay for birds
Hay? For birds
*Looks you deep in the eyes*
for birds

I wonder if I will ever release a book someday and it gets a big midnight crowd. Woah

I never fandomed prior to Dwarf Fortress. Midnight releases never made sense to me before, but I'll refresh the DF page until the moment I go to bed in the hopes of the new update

973 words into Teme's penultimate chapter.

"Of course, he could control his own gravity"

Oh no how's she gonna get out of this one?

Ughhhhh if you think regular action scenes are hard to write, wait till you get to the Boss

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My got gory all of a sudden at the end. Woops.

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