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Hi my name's Thorin. I'm a for

It started as Dwarf Fortress fanfiction and went horribly right. Now it's about the 3 L's , , and Lurking at the center of the world.

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Reminder that casually murdered the post-apocalypse genre in , the first book of her award-winning series.

(Transcript in thread)

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Our neighbors: mow all their buffer strips because they have no idea how water and soil conservation work, look like boring golf dads with boring lawn

Us: too depressed to mow, all the fencelines are full of trees, moss, asters, and solomon's seal, biodiversity makes us sexy

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I've also started stealing cool animals from a distant elven civ. Giant wolves, giant kakapo parrots, a regular sized eagle.. the elves get the best animals.

Got my first goblin refugees after going around freeing every prisoner I can find. I've got a bunch of humans too, but they're not as cool as goblins.

Chekov's Gun is the rule in writing that if you have a landlord show up in the first act by the final act he should be shot

My hot take:

goofy fantasy > gritty fantasy

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Deep Femme is a cool trans lady that plays guitar good and will tell you that you matter. Check out this good good album

Teme's 12th chapter is hot off the presses. Who IS She That Mines, why does she know so much about Teme, and why is Teme too gay to even?

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Slowly editing chapter 12 to publish it. Teme does NOT get enough dream logic spaces. Definitely need to lean on those for the next few chapters. (22&23)

Tarn Adams is speaking on the next panel. Ahhhhh. I hope there's new villains stuff.

Attending my first video game story con because it's just online. They finally lured me in

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New characters:
handsome butch doofus
meticulous autistic mage lady
agrarian revolutionary
haughty decadent duelist

Might need to write a handsome butch doofus

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I like how elegant the system is. Anyone else would have just used a % chance and a bunch of cases.


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If a given dwarf rolls "disinterested" for the same sex, and "commitment-possible" for the opposite sex, then that dwarf is strictly heterosexual, and is willing to become married. If the dwarf rolls "lover-possible" for each sex, then the dwarf is bisexual, but will never marry. And so on.


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