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Hi my name's Thorin. I'm a for

It started as Dwarf Fortress fanfiction and went horribly right. Now it's about the 3 L's , , and Lurking at the center of the world.

She-ra season 4 spoilers 

No patreon update this week because it's dark out at 5pm and I have a lot of depression about it.

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New patron's only post is up. It'll be free for everyone next Friday at 7am. Curses: how do they work? Why can't Teme simply lay down a curse upon the sinister conspiracy that has betrayed her? Also, the character I had written down as "handsome butch doofus" finally gets a real name.

I've stopped saying "hey guys" and started instead getting my friend's attention by saying "degenerates" or "homosexuals"

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wow these tech bros out here raving about 25hr weeks when my depressed ass has been keeping that schedule for a decade, bunch of hangers on

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Can you leave out meme gifts for the gentry? y/n?

Teme's 30th chapter is finished at 3296 words. FIVE more chapters and her book is over. If everything keeps going according to plan >.>

Teme's 27th chapter is live. She's had some time with the Goddess, not all of which she remembers.

One of my major book characters is always behind something, or someone, from every perspective character's point of view. They always speak in a customer service voice, from the perspective of this group they represent.

I'd like to thank the Paranatural comic for giving me the confidence to be dopey as hell with my art.

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you ever think about the phrase "bad for the economy" is absolute bullshit that means nothing

Can you leave out meme gifts for the gentry? y/n?

Do you think the good neighbors trade in memes?

Reading my book is great for the spooky season. There's some creepy crawlers in it, high caverns glowing with mosslight, and terrors in the depths. Also rent, the scariest spook of all

Teme's 29th chapter is done AT LAST! 2942 words and some really explicit discussion of how imprisonment is rooted in the state.

This week's patreon post is filler but it's good filler. All canon. Here's how my book world got weird caverns, mountains, and also an orbiting body. Non-patrons get it next friday

No patreon update this week. Next week will also probably be filler. I'm uhh kind of running out of chapters to post.

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