The invisible Emet-Selch, somehow making his way into my cutscene.

Hey y'all!
I'm currently renting a room with my friend, but pretty soon I will have to move to a separate one and I need to buy a new mattress and some furniture that my friend was sharing with me.
Thus I open FIVE commission slots!
Any donations and boosts are welcome too. :boost_ok:


#commission #CommissionsOpen

The kind of stuff I could do with FFXIV housing, if only I had the gil...

Joke ERPers in my house 

Don't take your Miqos to the local homeless shelter guys 😂

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Joke ERPers in my house 

Didn't even make it 24 hrs! Such devastation, this was not my intention!

I made them clean up after themselves because I'm too broke for a broom smh.

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I'm so sad for my neighbours. We were all excited/anxious talking in shout chat, hoping to do a street party together or smth.

Ironically, I actually remember when they did that emergency maintenance thinking "Huh, I hope this doesn't mess up the lottery or something..."

I managed to get my house!
Lucky me bid after maintenance, so I avoided the bug. Only 7 people in my ward got houses. 6 in main, 1 in sub.

My main's FC got one too, but not the NPC FCs because they bid pre-maintenance. Hopefully they fix it all soon. My friends deserve houses too 🥺

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