This piece of lore has now started a discussion among silver hair havers about purple shampoo colouring their hair LMAO

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Hythlodaeus, you absolute menace, of course you would dye your hair.

MSQ lvl 86 spoilers 


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MSQ lvl 86 spoilers 

Me just realising Hyth's natural hair colour is white sdjfhbs

Now I'm getting recognised on Discord servers LMAO. Hyth is famous.

Need mods ASAP before something stupid happens like it did on the Sophia FC sdhjfb

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80 Discord members, notifications blowing up, and meanwhile still setting things up sdhjf.

Suffering from success.

Can't tell if big Zenos is about to kill or hug WoL. Perhaps both.
Poor smol Zenos is looking for a smol WoL for himself.

We broke the system y'all, the Discord bot got overloaded at 69 members and we're now at like 80.

Literally like 30 people all by coincidence. The Sephirot NPCs came looking for Domesticated Zenos and found me 😂

RT @kossuel

The Materia DC is a social experiment by SE to see how long a community purely comprised of aussies and kiwis will last before chaos reigns and they have to allow anarchy to run the place


I really do wonder if Materia even has gms yet. I have neither seen nor heard of any, and the chaos continues to unfold djksfn

"If there's supposed to be a lore-related reason why we pay teleport fees, then there's no reason we shouldn't be able to...." by DrForester

Having a cursed/funny alt is a right of passage for Materia players

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