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Making fanchidren for my OTPs because cringe culture is dead and I can do what I want.

And also eating Goldfish.

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me: *pours carefully over my characters stats to determine the best class for them*
also me: CHAAAAAARGE! *sends my characters into battle all willy nilly with no regard for weapon triangles or w/e*

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Laying in bed with a purring cat while reading a library book that hasn't been checked out since before I was alive.

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This will never stop being relevant to television, but hey, we'll always have fanfiction.

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Today's mood is:

Playing while eating beef jerky.

Nazi mention 

When said in good faith, what those words actually mean is more akin to:

"People of different backgrounds than yourself will probably have different stances on certain issues based off of their own experiences. Rather than immediately writing them off, you should hear them out and try to understand how their circumstances have shaped their opinions."

Which is actually pretty important to do as it gives you further insight into the topic as a whole.

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Nazi mention 

I really think it says a lot about the direction of humanity in general that whenever someone says "Hey, it's actually good to listen to people with different opinions from your own so you can avoid locking yourself in an echo chamber where you never have to examine your beliefs or your actions," what most people immediately hear is "We should let the Nazis speak."

Because while it's true that they've used this argument, that is not what that is supposed to mean.

fruits basket 2019 ep7 

"When the snow melts, what does it become?"


Since is getting attention again, I'm replaying the series and either I got way better at video games since last time I played or these games are a lot shorter than I remembered.

Probably both.

Today's mood is:

Cuddle with the dog and listen to Beethoven.

I'm not going to hold my breath for it or anything, but I really hope that they make all clothes and hair styles available for all genders in Pokemon Sword & Shield

If you can crossdress in Animal Crossing, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to in Pokemon.

Someone said that "Well, Pokemon is more popular so it'd be more controversial." Yeah. That means the only reason they're not doing it because they're cowards. Next.

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sometimes I make fandom jokes at my gamer bros as a display of dominance

mentions of abuse and sexual assault 

"Don't you know that this kind of content could give young people the wrong idea or be used to groom minors?!"

Yeah, that's why it's got an 18+ warning on it. Also, it's MY 30k word noncon enslavement doll kink amputation fic, not yours. Mind your business.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm probably going to make an alt AO3 account for some more "controversial" material.

There are a lot of things I want to write but don't feel like putting on my main account. So many, so many.

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I'm not sure what it is about midnight that makes my cat think "yeah, this is a good time to yell at my dad". At least I'm usually awake at this time.

If your fanfiction isn't ridiculously self-indulgent then what is even the point of having written it?

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"I had to endure this, so everyone else should" is not a phrase a really, truly kind person says.

If you find yourself saying it (or something like it), you might ask yourself why.

And yeah, this is kind of about GOT, but it's also just general writing advice.

If you write a story where plot elements are pulled out of your ass rather than foreshadowed and characters completely disregard their development and character arcs for the sake of the plot?

What you've done is you've written a bad story.

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