Yesterday I started reading the newest book in The Hollows series. I really missed these characters.

Denise has a pretty good write-up of the LiveJournal password breach over at Dreamwidth. Specifically: We’ve seen several contradictory claims about when the file was allegedly gathered from LiveJournal: one claim for June/July of 2014, and one claim for sometime in 2017. From what we’ve learned from our users who […]

#infosec #livejournal

I had a busy weekend. Still trying to recover. 🥱

All right, Fediverse. It's That Time of Year when I need to update my RSS feeds.

So if you (yes, YOU!), a) have a blog, and b) it has an RSS feed (and/or federates), then reply with the URL below!

(Boosts very appreciated! :boost_ok:)

I have seen hell and it is any subreddit with "debate" in the name

At first I was excited to hear that there was gonna be a sequel to Inuyasha.. Then I read about the characters and now I’m just like meh.

I wish more of the authors I follow were on mastodon. That would certainly make things a lot easier.

‪First there’s a plague, then we find out UFOs are real, and now there’s murder hornets. What’s next?‬

• Stuck in her home
• Dreams of going outdoors
• Spends all her time reading, baking, painting, sewing, etc
• Has a tiny garden growing on her windowsill

She's one of the most relatable fictional characters right now!

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PSA: the term for "and other similar things", is *et cetera* (latin). That's a hard "T" sound after the initial "E". There's no "K" sound in the term at all. Saying "ekcetera" is wrong.

When cats do that thing when they suddenly appear behind you/under your feet:


The workers at Kroger have been issued masks, but they haven’t figured out that they only work if they’re over their nose and mouth (and not pulled down under their chins)

covid-19 but kind of sweet 

Emojipedia’s page on coronavirus emoji is surprisingly endearing:

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