Hey guys, sorry for not posting as much. Been busy with RL stuff. Also I've been checking out other instances.

November 12th shall now be known as Britney Spears Independence Day

Suggestion soliciting: Interesting and fun Sci-Fi short-stories and novellas. Particularly things that *aren't* Ray Bradbury, since that's what every teachers' resource gives... because apparently other Sci-Fi writers aren't real and don't exist.

(Primarily for use with 14-16 year olds. Doesn't have to be YA-focused. Just adding it for "Hm, I don't know if teenagers would be interested in this one.")

I feel like Shao Kahn is basically Thanos without all the bullshit reasoning for why he wants to rule/destroy everything. He's doing it because fuck you that's why!

The Doctor really could save themself a lot of drama by just sitting every new companion down with a "btw if I 'die' I will just turn into a different looking person and come back to life, that's totally normal for my species don't worry about it."

I've been reading The Passage by Justin Cronin. It's a good book, but holy Christ is it long. I feel like there are some parts that could have been left out, especially for the characters who don't stick around.

There are times when I genuinely miss Tumblr, but then I remember all the bullshit that went along with it and I’m just like, 😰

maybe it's because I've been in slash fandoms for decades and am used to ignoring canon for the sake of shipping, but who cares what canon says. make everyone gay in your fanfics, who gives a fuck

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One of the most pointless options on Wordpress is to crosspost your long-form blog as a tweet chain. The whole point of being on Wordpress is that you don't have to break up your long-form thoughts and articles into 80 pieces.

Good morning. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Now that we're done trying to fight religious fundamentalists in Afghanistan, can we please START talking about the religious fundamentalists in every level of US society

Lately I've been reading more fic than actual books. That hasn't happened in a long time.
It doesn't help that the last few books I've tried to read have been meh. :marvel:

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