Truck carrying gaming dice spills on Atlanta highway, rolls an estimated 756,000

"The truck was undamaged, having made its saving throw."

God help me, but I've stumbled into the Cletus/Carnage ship. I know the pairing isn't anywhere near as popular as symbrock, but I wasn't expecting so few works on ao3. that might change now that the Absolute Carnage event has started.

To those of you who read Marvel, do the comics ever specify how old Cletus Kasady is? If not, about how old would you say he looks? Thank you in advance. 😃

I really wish the older horror movies had audio description.


Not only is today Friday the 13th, but there is a full moon tonight. I'll have to find something scary to watch. 😈

So of course there are 9/11 movies trending on Prime Video. One of them is "9/11 Phone Calls From The Tower". And uh, that seems exploitative. If I had a voicemail from a loved one who died in a terror attack, recorded during the attack, I'm torn between "this is a historical document that should be preserved" and "rubberneckers get bent".

Omg Angel Beats is on Netflix! That was such a good show.

so there’s a new search engine for the fediverse: search.social.

most people probably don’t expect their public posts to be searchable, especially if they use mastodon, so here’s how to opt out (for mastodon): open your settings and go to Preferences > Other, then check “Opt out of search engine indexing”.

if you’re an instance admin, you can opt your entire instance through robots.txt. you can set this up in nginx: stackoverflow.com/questions/10

if you ever think your story has to be 100% scientifically accurate and believable, remember that hacker movies exist

Someone joined the Stucky discord server, just so they could bash the ship. This person obviously has way too much time on their hands. 😒

Two of the books I had on hold from the library became available at the same time. Guess I better start reading.

Violence is not just hitting someone in the face. Violence is passing legislation and policies to deny a sick persons access to healthcare. Violence is removing peoples autonomy and the ability to have safe abortions. Violence is removing funding for food programs that help feed the starving. Violence is dismantling housing and aid programs that help the homeless. Violence is sanctions placed on "third world" nations leading to starvation and death. Violence is the criminalization of drug use. Violence is discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender or lack thereof, race, ability, or age. Violence isn't just throwing fists or shooting people. Violence has evolved with our society to be far more cunning, shifting and bureaucratic than that.

Removing someones ability to hand out harm reduction services to help prevent overdoses and the spread of disease in their neighborhood is inherently an act of violence.

Good morning everyone. Hope you’re all having a great day.

Listening to the Headbanger Halloween playlist on Spotify.
I don't care that it's August.

I'd like to take a moment of your timeline to ask folks to use CamelCase in your tags. I didn't know until I came to masto that this helps people who use screen readers parse them as words rather than jumbles of characters. When there are multiple words mashed together in a tag, try capitalising each one, for instance #CommissionMe #CallForArt #LookingForArtist

you can go to an online screen reader site like this one to check out the difference it makes: ttsreader.com #accessibility

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