Some TikTok people are arguing about the meaning of a skull emoji 💀 in a comment. No other emojis, no text, just the skull. Person who left it meant it to be positive, people who saw it thought it was negative.

It’s interesting seeing how the meanings of emojis and emoticons change depending on the context of where they were left AND depending on who’s viewing them.

I use the skull emoji a lot but mostly in a self-deprecating/negative tone kind of way. Other people say it’s like “dead from laughter,” one step up from 😂 and that’s why it’s positive.

Either way, I think a single 💀 left on a stranger’s post with nothing else definitely would be viewed as a sarcastic or negative tone. What do you think?


@tozka I don't see skulls being positive at all, unless there's some kind of inside joke behind it.
If someone just left me a random skull emoji and nothing else, I wouldn't think it was a good thing. In fact I think that would be pretty creepy.

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