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Bayonetta: yea iʼm not touching this one

Samus: *sighs, goes and puts on her Power Suit*

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*grumbly fangirl voice* i just want my Romantic Subplots, dangit

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if you're trans (any gender) and write stories with trans characters that are freely available online, send me links to your stuff!! i want to read them!!

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god fucking damn it now i have In Other Words / Fly Me To The Moon stuck in my head

currently watching all of the bayonetta cutscenes on youtube for research purposes fml

remember in pulp fiction how the writers just gave up trying to actually write a date scene and just had the characters complain about how much better it would be if you didnʼt have to talk

the hardest part of writing date scenes is okay what the fuck is there to talk about

do i write way too much in response to the comments on my AO3 fic or do i write way too much in response to the comments on my AO3 fic

somebody wrote a nice comment on my oneshot and now i feel obligated to write another

‘…what are you doing?’ she asked me. i paused, my hand caught mid-motion, staring her in the eyes.

‘…activism,’ i told her, simply. i turned away, returning to the wall.

she put her hand on her hip; i caught the motion out of the corner of my eye. ‘no, but like…’ she said. ‘what are you *doing*, tho.’

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« no, iʼm not a fighter,
iʼm just angry all the time,
so teach me, teach me,
teach me rock and roll

my love bends rules,
my love is cool »

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« wearing all your clothes again ; theyʼre wearing thin, but itʼs one way to be together »

it's a Daughter – If You Leave sort of morning

what i might just do is have a text archive of wordsketches on AO3 and just link to them from here

seeing as theyʼre running around 1K characters it seems pretty consistently

that's what it's your job to figure out, SCORTCH

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