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hot take: if they didn't want us writing like it was the early 1900s, they would have placed more contemporary works into the public domain

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Bayonetta: yea iʼm not touching this one

Samus: *sighs, goes and puts on her Power Suit*

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*grumbly fangirl voice* i just want my Romantic Subplots, dangit

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if you're trans (any gender) and write stories with trans characters that are freely available online, send me links to your stuff!! i want to read them!!

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I loved Mulan growing up as a kid and I still watch the movie from time to time (even while I made this!).

Writing in Cantonese gave me major flashbacks to when I used to eat with the family in Chinatown and I'd write out the Chinese characters on the back of the fortune cookies.

Day 14 of #100DaysofHandLettering


art is hard because how do you know your OC's best angles

like that's the whole point of midna shattering the mirror of twilight like "cool you did some good things but still fuck y'all bye" it's purposefully subverting the redemption narrative where everyone just lives happily together in the end

"but you have to leave SOME room for redemption of the colonizers!!" you don't??? redemption is Not The Point??

we know the Zelda bloodline is Divine but what if that divinity isn't just like "problematic" it's actually just purely evil

there was a fic that got very close to this with like, "Hylia isn't actually purely good and Hyrule is a colonial state" but i want a literal actual spirit of Demise running through the Zelda bloodline lol and enacting atrocities with the machinations of her power

a common trope in zelda fic is a Ganondorf who grapples with the fact that he essentially has a curse on him condemning him to be violent and evil, and his past lives are full of murder and atrocious acts

i really want to see an inversion of that though where instead of the brown-skinned desert king it's the white people like zelda lol

is it even legal to write a chapter based on Dream of the Red Chamber that isnʼt poly as fuck

i am incapable of lying and i think that just means all of my characters are incapable of lying as well

have i ever … written a story … where somebody lies …

there's only 12 chapters so this is totally feasible okay

i don't know if it's feasible to do this for the entire novel when i've only ever actually worked out the first two chapters in depth before but i'm gonna give it a try

i can't spoil something i've already published a draft of so here's what i'm working on today

i gotta say friends, i'm still heckin confused about what the fuck a paragraph is and what it's good for

fucked up that i canʼt read the stories i want to read without first writing them

and that after writing the stories i want to write, i can no longer derive any pleasure from reading them

‘Strangers to friends to family’ is a good tag

okay so how am i supposed to take this when you tag your fic ‘non-sexual intimacy’, ‘platonic sex’, AND ‘enemies to friends to lovers’

everybody who joined mastodon in 2018: what

everybody who joined mastodon in 2017: kibi no

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