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hot take: if they didn't want us writing like it was the early 1900s, they would have placed more contemporary works into the public domain

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Bayonetta: yea iʼm not touching this one

Samus: *sighs, goes and puts on her Power Suit*

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*grumbly fangirl voice* i just want my Romantic Subplots, dangit

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if you're trans (any gender) and write stories with trans characters that are freely available online, send me links to your stuff!! i want to read them!!

i didn't realize how much musicals and the legend of zelda made *sense* together until reading this fic; zelda playing the role of hylia in a stage production is precious

the writing isn't perfect but End On A High Note just finished and you should give it a chance

concept: zelda auditions for the musical at her boarding school; zelda falls in love with her best friend midna; zelda has anxiety

like honestly don't even bother playing BotW just read this fic instead

i've been reading lately and it has done an amazing job; if you like the setting of BotW check it out

concept: basically, Link and Zelda's roles are switched; suddenly everything makes way more sense; also she has a lesbian travel companion who maybe has a major crush on her

« Sunburn , she says, as if describing the Calamity as a piglet. »

« "Yeah! Or maybe hide them. You know? I'll put one under a rock. Then somebody will pick up the rock and find it, and they'll say, 'Hey! A rupee! Who put that there?' And you know what?" It waved one of its arm stubs toward its face. "It was me. I put it there." » these Koroks are Adorable

« I don’t know many Hylians but the two of you are awfully young to have all these heavy experiences and thoughts on destiny, goro. »

why do people comment on my fics in the bloody morning

probably says a lot about me but i prefer portrayals of queerness as weird to portrayals of queerness as conforming to straight white american norms

a young hylian boy dressing up like a woman in order to infiltrate a guarded city to speak with their child matriarch and gain their support in regaining control of a massive ancient machine?

that *IS* weird. it's okay to acknowledge that weirdness and play light with the fact.

"weird" doesn't mean "bad" tho lol. and that's something i think our multicultural neoliberal asses sometimes forget.

and i don't think this is something which translates well to American culture at all. American culture tries to stick a moral component to everything. it sees weirdness and says "is this good or bad??" if someone is strange in a work of art, there must be a statement being made about social norms. laughter is not a form of acceptance but a dismissal.

like yes, anime and nintendo games will be all like "crossdressing! that's weird! funny!", but after the initial humour wears off, you still have real people living their real lives as a crossdresser as an accepted presence in the work

and it is just sort of understood that these people exist, not everyone fits the norm, and you can laugh at things you don't understand but it's not something you need to change?

honestly i realize this may be a personal preference but i much prefer japanese media's tendency to find humour in and live alongside fremmish behaviour over american media's impulse to always either normalize or villainize it

iʼm sorry but « I like to read fics with the characters the way they were created » is just asking for it okay

*sighs* okay, time to give these enbymisics their comeuppance

“intended for looped playback” hUH

okay i am enjoying this new OVERWERK long track

(Pay What You Want on Bandcamp)

get your western gender politick out of my video gam

imagine if the people who got salty about Nintendo of America lengthening girls' skirts for the North American release got similarly upset about them referring to androgynous characters with the pronouns he/him

sorry fam you're just gonna have to live with that one

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