Mad Hype:
Xenoblade (triple dip likely)
Ring Fit
Smash + ARMS (!!!!!!!)
Panzer friggin Dragoon

Whoa cool!:
2K ports
Burnout Paradise, on my Nintendo???

Everything else was also pretty rad.

But ARMS!!!! Yesssssssss!!!!

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That Nintendo Direct Mini was a LOT.

I don't get why people restart their island because they started with ugly---oh. I get it now.

I caved in like a weak fool and I’m downloading it now

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My local grocery store, of course, like many others, has been picked clean of toilet paper and paper towels.

...and the kitty litter.


I am having a super hard time trying to figure out whether or not I want Animal Crossing. Got some huge feelings of missing out on the hype, BUT, every time I play the game I get burnt out after like 2 weeks for what is essentially an adorable but grindy chore simulator.

Inspired by , to the tune of “Come On Eileen”:

I finally found my beautiful trash baby. ❤️❤️❤️




Back home but I ate Hollywood it is gone now because I ate it

I just spent a long time typing up a kind explanation of how taxes work after seeing some Facebook lies about incomes of 31K getting taxed 52% to pay for Bernie’s health plan.

Nuked it cuz
* it’d fall on blind hearts
* I haven’t talked to this guy in 10 yrs & I’m not startin now

Quick, which games give a cool little bonus for playing on your birthday?

Is there an app I can use as an alarm clock where I have to solve math problems in order to snooze?

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You shouldn’t be able to turn off your alarm clock without unlocking your phone.

Ryu, the world warrior, can finally afford a car. He had to pay extra to give the car matching hair and headband. Chun-Li offered to teach him how to drive but she is too busy giving her cars thick thighs and tits.

‪I’m always hype for “new guy scoops” at restaurants. Today:‬

‪New Guy: Meat?‬

‪Me: No thanks‬

‪NG: Bacon?‬

‪Me: No thanks, but White Bean soup, please.‬

‪New guy doesn’t stir, scoops from bottom, & fills cup with as little broth as possible. I had 3 whole-ass basil leaves.‬

‪Me: 😍‬

My momma made me an ice cream cake for my early birfday. Only there is no cake. Just dairy-free ice cream mushed into cake shape with peanut butter pie Oreos crunched in. It’s surprisingly delicious.

12-31-2019 Sketch - My 2019 New Years Resolution was to sketch one thing per day, and this is the last one. No more daily sketches, but I'll be sure to upload stuff every now and then. Thanks everyone for your support!

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