Triforce Tuesday - Majora's Mask [First Playthrough Ever] - PART 3

I loved the ice dungeon so much I decided to... do it a second time. 😐 Yeah, that's it. I did it on purpose...

C'mon and ch-ch-check it out:

Salty Sunday - Pokémon Unite - I'm the best at what I do, and what I do isn't very winning

Let's Rank down TOGETHER!

Triforce Tuesday - Majora's Mask [First Playthrough] - PART 2

It was a rough start but I cleared the swamp temple. Let's keep this momentum going!

C'mon and ch-ch-check it out!

The Calamari Game.... RETURNS! - Another round of competitors pushing their luck for bells!

Prepping first, Games at 7 pm central, maybe some UNITE later!

C'mon and ch-ch-check it out!


And it's even *more* fair than ever before with:
- A longer course!
- Bribes!
- An even BIGGER jackpot bonus!

Watch 7 down-on-their-luck villagers hop to their doom!

Watch on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2021
7pm Central/ 8pm Eastern

This is after eating half of the glob of flavor dust.

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So uh, my sriracha flavored snack puffs had a 2 inch glob of flavor powder on the bottom.

And I am all about it. Using it like a dip.

Triforce Tuesday - Majora's Mask [FIRST TIME EVER] - PART 1

If only we had Scooby Doo to unmask everything...

C'mon and ch-ch-check it out!

Salty Sunday, with Pokémon Unite?

Na, more like Sodium + Chloride Unite!
C'mon and ch-ch-check it out!

The CALAMARI game was fun!

Next time I'll build a viewing platform for better spectating and streamline the joining process because it took too long for us to get started.

I think I might make the course longer too, since almost completed the entire course 1st try.

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Animal Crossing! First, gonna do island stuff and prep. Then, CALAMARI GAMES, where we can watch my internet friends fall into my trap! Then... uh, some Unite I guess?

Ch-ch-check it out!

Tonight, at 7:30 central / 8:30 eastern, I hope y'all are ready to play a fair and balanced game...

Tomorrow, around 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern, my ACNH island is going to host a Calamari game! I’m trying to fill the two remaining spots! The game will probably take 30 mins to organize and play and you could win a bunch of bells! Any mutuals should hit me up if they wanna compete

Salty Sunday - Pokémon Unite and maybe more!

Gonna STANK up some RANK matches! Let's-a-throw ch-ch-check it out:

Kap'n brought me to a night island with vines and shootings stars and some special rocks?!?!

"Never give up! If you fail, then fry and fry again" - Refried Beans

I have defeated The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword. What Zelda game should be next for Triforce Tuesday?

1.) Majora's Mask (1st time playing it ever)
2.) Breath of the Wild (Never actually beat it yet)

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