Taking down statues? That's pretty cool. You know what is also cool? Blowing up Stone Mountain.

My spike is 543 turnips. DM me if y'all want to visit my island to take advantage of this hot price.

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Any mutuals need to sell some turnips? I should be getting a large spike this afternoon.


I get to slap baby birds with a light saber again. And it's free-to-play

WHAT are these MENUS. What the HECK is going on. Why can I learn things I can't use? Why is everything SO confusing? Is this guy in my party or just in my way? AAAAAAHH

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Forget KK Slider.

I have the legendary @rickastley@twitter.com on my island.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Withnailmarwood/st

After a lot of hard work I can FINALLY be the Houston Astros in Animal Crossing!

Sure, log cabins are nice.

...but have you ever been in a logarithmic cabin? Much more attic space.

'Stache and Glasses in stock?? I'll buy 10! Quick--there's no time to explain!

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A master study I was not sober for any moment of.

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When you find the perfect wall to tag. (Also is there headphones without hat?)

Hello everybody I made a whole packet of fake-cheese black-bean queso (cashew-based) and it seemed like a lot, and it was a lot, and it turns out that portion size was intended for 2 hungry people, but I ated it.

This week my turnip prices have been: 57, 52, 47, 42

Why does a turnip-based stock market give me this much anxiety?

I named my town after my cat Timberton, so now I've made the proper flag.

Mad Hype:
Xenoblade (triple dip likely)
Ring Fit
Smash + ARMS (!!!!!!!)
Panzer friggin Dragoon

Whoa cool!:
2K ports
Burnout Paradise, on my Nintendo???

Everything else was also pretty rad.

But ARMS!!!! Yesssssssss!!!!

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That Nintendo Direct Mini was a LOT.

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