I went to a bakery that had a “‘Baker’s Dozen’ Dozen” that only has 12 cupcakes.

Dozen = 12
Baker’s Dozen = 13

This is like getting a six pack of beer called a 7-pack. A 7-pack 6-pack. How many beers are in a 7-pack. 6?? Ok.

I’ve been shouting about this for at least an hour.

Oh, just me, hanging out with my pal, THE KING OF ALL OF THE KOOPAS

Of course they are sold out of Team Mystic, the BEST Pokémon GO team.

I think the put that Sobble hat in its place since people like me are crying about it.


Bowser would like Peach
but will settle for beach 🏖

Definitely not a deranged looking Donkey Kong doing an Abominable Snowman impression.

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He’s the leader of the beach
You know him well
His teeth are sharp
cuz they’re made of shells!
He’s DK


Master Roshi on the beach. Didn’t feel like making him have his muscles so I made him have his mussels.

Is it weird to be upset that Amazon is printing advertisements on cardboard boxes?

Alright one battery down, one more battery to go to charge my Master Sword back up!

Gonna abduct a Korok with a cello! C'mon and ch-ch-check it out:

Triforce Tuesday - Wind Waker [PART 6] twitch.tv/mk_emkay

Long ago, there was a land rumored to have borders. This.... is not that land.

C'mon and watch me struggle through the Knoxx Borderlands 1 - DLC!

Ch-ch-ch-check it out!


If I could, I’d have a cup full of advanced gg while driving a Ford sedan while shouting Darn Heck Butt Fudgers.

That way I could Focus in my Focus while Faux-Cussing

Dear Diary,

I returned to one of my favorite lunch spots after 16 months (pandemic, icymi) and the guy who runs the place was like, “I knew my regulars would come back”

I feel called out, yet I have no shame. I’m happy they made it through this ordeal.

Love, MK ❤️

A good stream overall, but I only got the harpy girl's quest done and also the Outset triumph-forks shard.

At least I spent a million years getting the pig to the top of the mountain thinking I'll be rewarded for the effort...

This clip is a MOOD:

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Triforce Tuesday - Wind Waker [PART 5]

Imagine showing up with the Master Sword, only for Ganon to tell you it ran outta dang batteries. Now we gotta find a cellist and a harpist to audition to be Energizer Bunnies.

C'mon and c-c-check it out:

I spent like... the better part of an hour trying to land the required pair of ramps to get into Mr. Shank prison in the Knoxx DLC.

But after I got in I was clearly prepared for everything the prison had to offer...


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Soooo I beat Borderlands 1 off-stream. So let's check out the DLC!


BONUS STREAM - Finishing Sketch Project and maybe Starting Another

C'mon and ch-ch-check it out!


Triforce Tuesday - Wind Waker [PART 4]

We got the Master Sword now, bayyyybeeee

C'mon and ch-ch-check it out!


Triforce Tuesday - Wind Waker [PART 3]

I'm back at it trying to wake up all the winds with my wind waker.

C'mon and ch-ch-check it out!


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