SALTY SUNDAY - Losing Ranked Battles in Pokémon Unite

C'mon and ch-ch-check it out:

Daily Sketch 05-12-2022

"Yes, I finally understand what Maria meant by 'give them a chance to be happy'. Anyone would be happy to die at my hands. Of course!"


ABCDEFG HIJKMNOP QRS TUV WX YZ. Oops, forgot the L... let's find some in Paladins!!

BONUS STREAMAPALOOZA - Fanart Friday - Maybe a Zelda Sketch?

C'mon and ch-ch-check it out!!

Scientists experiment.
Witches hexperiment.

My sister revealed to me that my 5yo Sonic obsessed nephew has discovered Sonic memes and is now drawing them. He has also discovered AoStH YouTube Poop.

I… I thought I had more time…

BONUS STREAMAPALOOZA - Throw-Day Thursday - Pokémon Unite

Let's be like a small blanket on the couch, frozen solid: a hard throw. C'mon and ch-ch-check it out!

Daily Sketch 05-10-2022

What do you mean overeating and drinking for 48 hours would have consequences? Last day of vacation and I am miserable.

Daily Sketch 05-09-2022

My preferred source of caffeine is unavailable, so I drank espresso shots like a kid forced to eat yucky vegetables.

Scene: Classy Banquet

Son: “What? I… I’m adopted??”

Parent’s monocle drops into tea cup.

Parent: “I did not raise a brute who lacks manners!”

Son looks around, sighs, and sticks pinkie finger up

Son: “Am I adopTheodore??”

Paper Mario Puesday - PART 8

Mario and the Giant Beanstalk! C'mon and ch-ch-check it out!

The god Apollo lent me his lyre and I accidentally broke all the strings except “G”.

Listen, I’ll replace them but I don’t owe Apollo G’s

New life goal: be an appraiser for old memes on “AnTique-Tok Roadshow”

Ophelia, of Hamlet, found He-Man’s Power Sword and she transformed into HemOphelia — she tragically bled to death.

Daily Sketch 05-07-2022

"To be a hero, you must master the three point landing!"

"Wow! This cat is the highest scoring hero! All points landed!"


I was making jokes about German cars in front of a crowd and I got booed.

Guess I didn’t know my Audi-ence.

So I was trying and failing to taunt this shark into getting itself stuck in the rocks--and then I finally got it... sort of:

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