Ranked Bot matches got my Eldegoss an absurd amount of medals.

Whenever I see people queueing to pay admission, I’m just gonna call it a cat. You know, because it’s a fee line.

When you really think about it, they should be called some-chuks rather than "none"-chuks.

If my hair is brown, does that make me a brew-net?

This is totally a water tumbler NOT filled by the remainder of the boot. Looking forward to drinking this water at home.

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Maybeeeeeeee in shouldn’t have had 6 sausages because I am DEFEATED BY BOOT.

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Guess who found out that the thing they ordered is a little too small for their giant head?

Oh, just me, hanging out with my pal, THE KING OF ALL OF THE KOOPAS

Of course they are sold out of Team Mystic, the BEST Pokémon GO team.

I think the put that Sobble hat in its place since people like me are crying about it.


Bowser would like Peach
but will settle for beach 🏖

Definitely not a deranged looking Donkey Kong doing an Abominable Snowman impression.

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He’s the leader of the beach
You know him well
His teeth are sharp
cuz they’re made of shells!
He’s DK


Master Roshi on the beach. Didn’t feel like making him have his muscles so I made him have his mussels.

Thanks everybody for hopping in and giving good Borderland tips. I think I might try to focus on the story missions because I could see myself spending millions of hours on side-quests and looking for money in toilets.

Y'all have a good one!!

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Today I'm going to play some Super Bomberman R Online!

It features:
* 64 Player Battle Royale
* Free to play
* Cross Platform
* Time to check your phone between rounds
* Confusing name!

C'mon and ch-ch-check it out!


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Next Sunday, at 6 PM Central / 7 PM Eastern:

2 players, 1 game, 10 wins, NO MERCY

MK, still sore from losing in Tetris, has challenged TinSi in First-to-10 battle in Dr. Mario.

Will he finally prevail? Find out... on SUNDAY STACK ATTACK on twitch.tv/MK_EmKay

What is the secret to Miss Piggy and Kermit's relationship?

Is it the dedication to one another?
Or is it Kermit's perpetually fresh breath??

Either way, that's a LOT of Kermit-mint. 💚

Y'all. Tonight I'm collaborating with @MzFitt_ttv@twitter.com and the Moshpit for Mario Monday! Starting tonight at 7 PM Eastern / 6 PM Central

We'll try Super Mario Party before failing over to Mario Kart!

Be there, or be a quadrilateral polygon:


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