How the song Diamond and Rust made me felt.
I love Joan Baez!!!

I am back!
After 20 busy days, finally have time to paint again!
This is a color sketch

Joining a cult, a 30 minutes sketch

A meeting went on for 2 hrs and I was super sleepy, but after drawing this I felt like drawing 2hrs more😂

Lost God

Another speed paint illustration done in 30 minutes
I quite like the colour and atmosphere 😊

As I do more and more 30 minutes sketch, I am achieving more in the short period of time.
Looking forward to the day that I can make a finished painting in 30 minutes 🙂

Don't know how to work further on this, so here's just a rough render.

A work in progress.
Spent so much time on the city background. It's still not very good though😂
Listened to while drawing this~

What a cutie 😍

This account was supposed to be for sketches or incomplete pieces, but my sketches are becoming more and more finished that I deemed them worth posting on Instagram 😅 and I don't really want to post same stuff twice.

Maybe I'll make this account art + rambling?😆
Let's see.

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