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MDZS spoilers 

okay so the reason I'm so insistent on Lan Xichen/Jin GuangYao- or more accurately, on Lan Xichen---> Jin GuangYao- is because I believe that relationship, Lan Wangji--->Wei Wuxian, and Lanfather--->Lanmother all parallel each other in interesting and important ways, and we lose that if we downplay Lan Xichen's feelings for Jin Guangyao. It's tragic. That's the point. The intense way all three felt has more potential for disaster than happiness, and that's important

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Creative Projects that live in my mind until I can foist them off onto others:

-Utena AMV to Haunted House by Sir Babygirl, primarily using clips from the Nanami's party episode (3) and Traumatic Backstory clips from the last 8~ish episodes.

-TGCF/Utena fusion, featuring Hua Cheng as Utena, Xie Lian as Anthy, and bai wuxiang as Akio.

-modern AU Yi City disaster polyamory


Unfortunately it seems my Optimum Workload is:
-care and feeding of Self
-care and feeding of Cat
- one(1) creative project with no deadline to be worked on at odd intervals
-that's it

I kin Xue Yang only insofar as he and I are both wild, unhinged levels of horny for Xiao Xingchen.

I've been thinking Dandy is going blind for a while, and today he made a decision that makes no sense unless he wasn't able to see something that was about a foot away from him. He can definitely still see when my hand is right in front of his face, so he's not completely blind, but...

the doc is 2.5 pages of fic and then

-Ji Chuan
“I somehow always knew I’d die of a boner”

Writing like, I no longer care if it's in character I am *going* to put a dick in this mans mouth.

I think I'm gonna need a beta; I have forgotten *so* many grammar rules, but retained just enough to remember that there *are* rules about [thing I'm doing]

"Rio you don't *have* to write from his POV"
"no I'm gonna"

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I'm worried people will think I dislike Zhao Qingfeng/ am ableist re: intelligence when it's just that the POV character has channeled all their fear and insecurity being a dick and hating Zhao Qingfeng.

Oh! My Emperor ep 6 

I feel bad for the emperor. He had braced himself for getting deflowered by a random dancing girl in a pool and what he got was *way weirder*
Not that I've finished the scene. I had to stop when she said she wanted everyone to join them and he *clearly* assumed she was proposing some sort of orgy and/or voyeurism scene.

wishlist: a drug that will render me useless and incoherent but not physically uncomfortable, and will not leave me feeling weird the next morning


my desire to have things read to me VS my weirdly strong reaction to new disembodied voices


my desire to listen to stories/content while falling asleep VS my fear of missing something while listening to content


I actually think I look really good with the hair length I have now. Which is a novel experience for me; I'm used to looking in the mirror and just. hating it.
Unfortunately, I hate every other aspect of having hair this long. I hate how long it takes to dry, I hate feeling it on my neck, I hate brushing it, I hate that styling it is even a thing.

Dandy and I have this thing, where I sometimes just don't move my hand when I stop petting him, and, unrelatedly, he just likes to use me as a pillow whenever any part of me is close enough.

So we spent about half an hour today just chillin' like this.

sometimes I wish we used brackets in sentences the same way we use them in math equations.

Lan Sizhui does not want to kill any of the Sunshot generation (or above) but IF HE DID.... he's allowed.

the truth about me and clothes is that in terms of taste, I *exclusively* want to wear things that will show up in fashion shaming threads BUT 95% of the time I also do not wish to be Percieved.

the problem of having coke in my house is whenever I want to drink something my brain goes:
Reasons to drink Snapple:
-more hydrating
-no caffeine
-coke will kill me if I eat spicy food (carbonation)
-tastes better
-idk vitamins or something?

Reasons to drink coke:
-it comes in a can you don't have to pour
-that's it

And then coke wins at least half the time.

been living alone less than a week and already I'm unsure how I'll go back to not sing-yelling about it whenever I have to do something I don't want to do.🙀

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