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MDZS spoilers 

okay so the reason I'm so insistent on Lan Xichen/Jin GuangYao- or more accurately, on Lan Xichen---> Jin GuangYao- is because I believe that relationship, Lan Wangji--->Wei Wuxian, and Lanfather--->Lanmother all parallel each other in interesting and important ways, and we lose that if we downplay Lan Xichen's feelings for Jin Guangyao. It's tragic. That's the point. The intense way all three felt has more potential for disaster than happiness, and that's important

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Creative Projects that live in my mind until I can foist them off onto others:

-Utena AMV to Haunted House by Sir Babygirl, primarily using clips from the Nanami's party episode (3) and Traumatic Backstory clips from the last 8~ish episodes.

-TGCF/Utena fusion, featuring Hua Cheng as Utena, Xie Lian as Anthy, and bai wuxiang as Akio.

-modern AU Yi City disaster polyamory


me: I like it best when wenzhou are always fighting over who tops

also me: but what if wenzhou ageplay? (wkx little)

I love "Character A is understanding/supportive/accepting about some aspect of Character B that many people would not be"


I go *absolutely BONKERS* for "that, but Character A is mistaken and Character B is not (whatever)" and I don't know why

Character B is trans and Character A is supportive: very good
Character B is cis, but Character A mistakenly believes Character B is trans and is extremely supportive about it: 😻 😻 πŸ‘Œ ❀️ 😳 😍 😻 )

tbt when I first moved in and didn't know the washing machine shakes the house so I just assumed I was having a tell-tale heart moment without having actually committed any murder.

The *point* of using google docs is being able to write on both my computer and my phone, which is why it is *so* *frustrating* when my phone won't load the last bit I wrote on the computer.

stabbing my temple to make it stop jumping

Look, when I was 15 I was miserable. BUT. If I got to do it again I would do it *better* and be *less miserable*.

I think this is how the "I could fix him" people feel. Though unlike them, I do not have the option to try.

how do I know [roommate's cat] loves me? He spent all afternoon and evening with me on my bed, left the room while I showered, and came back immediately after.

wrote 100 words of lead-up to novel!Wen Kexing's First Time Bottoming and now that's all I want to read.

I think some part of me believes if I don't check social media time doesn't pass

-Ouch my thighs are chafed

-wait actually only one of them hurts?

-Oh right they aren't chafed my cat just made aN ATTEMPT ON MY LIFE earlier today.

trying to read Lord Seventh and like... maybe I misunderstood something, but every time he talks about his "seven lifetimes of reincarnation" I'm just like.... you literally sat out number 6? like took a 63 year nap and didn't even get a body? and you were an insect in one? the first one you died at 32? calling it 7 lifetimes feels like a bit of a misrepresentation there bud

unfortunately I just can't imagine tyk!wenzhou playing league. Or online gaming at all.

xxc plays what he thinks the game needs more than he plays the champs he actually wants to play, so it's harder to get into specifics with him. That said, I want to think about him on control mages, like ori and syndra. azir. for bot lane, probably ashe main tbh, but also varus, samira, xayah (they are *absolutely* gonna do the xayah/rakan thing, what kind of codependant power couple do you think they *are*?) xxc doesn't like to disengage, and he chooses champs with playstyles that support that.

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sl plays tanks, mostly. tank support in bot lane, regular old tanks in top. ali specifically is his go-to support, maybe leo. voli for top lane. galio.

also just realized I forgot to mention kayn for xy. he loves the flavor and the assasin half, so he's just that dude who refuses to ever go rhaast, even when the game would demand it (side note to be horny about xxc domming him over voice to become rhaast before xy's even seen his face)

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xxc plays mid in soloq but bot lane w/ sl (xxc adc, sl supp)

xy plays assassins. He'll play any lane as long as he gets to be an assassin. Loves invisibility esp. when he's adc he's twitch. supp is like... pyke, shaco, leblanc (in the grand tradition of "they have cc so they're a support. Besides, killing them before they hurt you is supporting!!") whn he's top, he's just playing it exactly like he'd play mid. jung is his favorite tho, w/ eve and shaco etc.

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I have no fandom friends who also play league, which is fine until someone mentions the idea of characters being gamers (or I find out the actors are gamers!!!!) and I suddenly have to figure out exactly what champions and roles each character would play, and I know literally no one who would care.

Faraway Wanderers/tyk spoilers(kinda) nsfw 

also interested in what happens if/when they realize that since neither of them is gonna do anything that's actually nonconsensual, fighting is only gonna determine top/bottom if the loser is okay with bottoming and therefore its use is mostly foreplay.

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Faraway Wanderers/tyk spoilers(kinda) nsfw 

I guess that's not just "the second time" but I'm really interested in how the dynamic progresses into a stable form.

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Faraway Wanderers/tyk spoilers(kinda) nsfw 

The fanfic I *really* want for this novel is what happens the second time they have sex. Is it really how Wen Kexing expects? is he gonna be able to just keep crying his way into topping or is Zhou Zishu gonna catch on? Or not even catch on but just insist on "evening the score" later? What if Wen Kexing misjudges the pity-cry and Zhou Zishu insists on being soft and tender and taking care of him? What if Zhou Zishu tries the pity-cry in return?

Speaking of tdov, today I woke up thinking about how my passport was expired and I should gt a new one, but oh, they last for 10 years, maybe I should change my gender marker first.... and THEN I had the thought that things might be bad enough that I'd have to pretend to be cis longterm and

"which kind of cis would I have the better chance of success with?"

and let me tell you that thought woke me alllll the way up.

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