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MDZS spoilers 

okay so the reason I'm so insistent on Lan Xichen/Jin GuangYao- or more accurately, on Lan Xichen---> Jin GuangYao- is because I believe that relationship, Lan Wangji--->Wei Wuxian, and Lanfather--->Lanmother all parallel each other in interesting and important ways, and we lose that if we downplay Lan Xichen's feelings for Jin Guangyao. It's tragic. That's the point. The intense way all three felt has more potential for disaster than happiness, and that's important

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Creative Projects that live in my mind until I can foist them off onto others:

-Utena AMV to Haunted House by Sir Babygirl, primarily using clips from the Nanami's party episode (3) and Traumatic Backstory clips from the last 8~ish episodes.

-TGCF/Utena fusion, featuring Hua Cheng as Utena, Xie Lian as Anthy, and bai wuxiang as Akio.

-modern AU Yi City disaster polyamory


so tired of people telling me you have to be able to laugh during sex. sorry my boner is so fragile I guess!??! Fuck off I guess!?!?!

I will continue to blast homestuck music for as long as this phone call is happening outside my window

anyway if I ever write original work average human height will be four to five feet tall with no explanation. Very tall people may reach five and a half feet.

cdrama behind-the-scenes footage is so weird to watch because every single male actor is minimum half a foot taller than every member of the crew. They are being selected for.

Okay I JUST WANT TO SAY. There are *many* reasons her heart might be beating faster in this situation:
1) The chief and her crush are *both* missing
2) The last time she saw them they had been poisoned and left in your care
3) She just found you tied up and gagged
4) Her close friend (you) just confessed love and that has the potential to wreck a friendship
5) That thing yan daifu said as he left was both confusing and threatening

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Xiao Lin: I love you
Xiao Lin: I know you the best
Xiao Lin: I know your resting heart rate

ep. 19 of birth of the drama king 

Yan daifu desperately struggling to get away from this het bullshit

I discovered a new version of this feeling, in which you happen to have a thick layer of blankets over your throat and a cat starts kneading it.

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The simplest explanation is we get more shots of Xue Yang in emotional distress, comparatively, and it's just down to "the suffering we see is the suffering we want"

But idk man. I feel like there's more there.

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It's interesting to me that, in MCU fandom, we all saw Bucky get hurt and taken advantage of, and went "let's write Bucky getting hurt and taken advantage of *more*"

But in fandom, we saw Xiao Xingchen getting hurt and taken advantage of (by Xue Yang), and went "let's write *Xue Yang* getting hurt and taken advantage of"

I'm already going a little nuts just over the new trailer

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just fyi, when the the tgcf donghua drops I WILL lose my *entire* mind

nsfw, complaining about media 

I feel like I yell about this all the time but like.... hot take cum tastes good actually! and you can swallow it like normal because it doesn't come out like a firehouse! it comes out slower than I drink liquids and probably slower than you drink liquids! But even if you're not great at swallowing on command the total amount is significantly less than a mouthful so it *still* probably won't leak out unless you chose to let it!

the very specific feeling when a cat who doesn't always control his claws lovingly rests his paw on your throat

shaved off all my facial hair for pretty much the first time since I started growing it and just sitting with this gremlin joy that no one in the whole world knows what I look like right now. No one has seen my face. My face is a secret just for me.

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okay if they were doing the "call me 'big brother'" thing with "gege" I would be like this is *definitely* flirty but they're using "xiongzhang" and so I am unsure.

kinda hoped it was working for everyone else and I was the odd one out tbh

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