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I have decided that this account will be my hot take dumping ground. Suffer.

seeing a hxh "babies vs. now" photoset like YOU ARE STILL BABY

when feeling/recognizing emotions on their own is hard, sometimes you lean on body feelings, which leads to a slightly different categorization of emotions. All this to say:
Vomit Emotion

okay so there's a lot of GO stuff on my dash about "when they fell in love" and I'm here to remind you of the thing we all know which is that love is not a binary?!?!?! we just call a certain set of feelings love when they get intense enough. you don't fall in love and okay that's done now. You fall deeper in love, you reevaluate what love is, you discover love you already felt has metamorphosed into a *different* kind of love...FEELINGS DEVELOP AND CHANGE OVER TIME

ideal dakimakura: Kurama in one of his battle outfits, normal facial expression, maybe with his rose whip. Other side, Youko version
(even if the art isn't porn it seems to have a weird tendencey toward porn-face and I want not that)

Once again I try to find a dakimakura cover I want, only to be discouraged by all the porn

relatedly, when I say "goodluck and goodbye" I am referencing Duo's image song and that's the kind of dork I am. I don't need anyone else to get the reference. It's just for me.

also I found my old gundam wing CD and now I can listen to some fucking GW image songs in my car

not to be on main, but I'm still sad Wu Fei is a misogynist (even though he has 'reasons'), because otherwise I'd probably really like him. He has the best image songs and the 2nd best gundam, too

I got sunburned and am almost done peeling and the new skin is *so* *smooth*. Is this why people exfoliate? Is this possible to achieve without skin damage or a 6 month skincare routine involving like 4 different products?

HXH chimera ant arc spoilers 

HXH chimera ant arc spoilers 

I've been watching large amounts of hxh with a friend and now the musical cues are the background noise of my brain.

I want to give back to my community... but also, I want to not have to communicate with anyone in my community.

you ever google your past screennames just to make sure there's no trace remaining?

wish my memory was better indexed. Would love to just run a search for "books I like"

watching and "you expect me to stoop to being self-sufficient?" is the funniest line

the amount of people taking pictures at protests still weirds me out

Me, watching HxH with a friend: I must share with you the ancient wisdom


Me: Illumi is a himbo

this is code for "I low-key think i might die? but like. No big."

I didn't double-book, but I did schedule 3 energy-intensive things for Friday and Saturday, and also probably taking Dandy back to the vet and I am... apprehensive.

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