you ever look in the mirror and actually look good, and it unsettles you enough that you have to leave? Just me then?

disscussion of weight, Chinese actors 

I know the idol/actor industry makes you control your eating and weight to a fucked-up degree and that is true of alllll of them, but god looking at Liu Haikuan is just. *drags hands down face*

It looks wrong. For his body to be that thin. I can just hear it crying for calories. IT WANTS TO HAVE HIPS. I cannot enjoy any publicity he does where I can see below his shoulders because of it. Please just let the man eat.

MDZS hot takes 

But look. The point of Xiao Xingchen is that he believes is justice, and doing good more than anything else. And that never wavers. His struggle is in figuring out how, in a world where trying only ever seems to make things worse.
okay honestly I had a lot to say here but I'm making myself sad because I love him so much. But god. look. Every person matters to him. Every death Xue Yang was responsible for matters to him. He will never willingly turn a blind eye.

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MDZS hot takes 

Moreover, I think it's worth looking at Wangxian, Xiyao, and XiaoXue (I know that's not the order we usually see but bear with me) in terms of.... PARALLELS

Specifically, as three different ways of dealing with "I'm in love with a man who does crimes"
Wangji goes full "I don't care about morality I just want to be with Wei Ying"
Xichen avoids dealing with it; he'll turn a blind eye as long as he can, until finally his hand is forced.

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MDZS hot takes 

a lot of people want Xiao Xingchen to forgive Xue Yang his sins b/c of love and I want to point out we already *have* a white-clothed dude who defied justice for his love of a black-clothed demonic cultivator and perhaps you would like some Wangxian

@ljwrites arguably it's an *internal* force but like... I agree I also dislike it. But is it *fair* to dislike it because there are mines, even if the mines aren't tripped? And, again, this could be me reading an interpretation I don't like into a work that doesn't actually contain it!!! So I'm just ??? but actually !!!

Like if I felt confident she meant it that way I could just be like "given that we do not, in fact, have body-switching technology, it does not really matter" and move on

But. The not being sure. It drives me BANANAS. Am I reading into something that wasn't intended? Is there a good reason for me to hate this implication? Does it matter? WHAT WAS THE GOAL HERE

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Still go absolutely BERSERK when I think about whether mxtx was going for "being in a gay man's body made wei wuxian gay"

I live in fear of the day I start noticing when hair is fake. My ability to be horny will go down by like 65%

love the weird sounds my throat makes without permission after drinking sometimes

@Satsuma Sure I guess but if that's what I'm doing I want to *know* that's what I'm doing.

Just had a fun little interaction where I passed a car on my street and started to pull a u-turn, only to discover he was doing the same. So we turned around each other in a little circle while laughing and shrugging until we were both facing the right direction and drove off

Update: She made me an apology breakfast.

@ljwrites Even if she did I don't know that I'd believe she meant it in anything beyond the most basic "I don't want you to be mad at me and thus I wish I hadn't said it" way.

my (soon to be ex!!!!) roommate said something that really hurt me and now I really wanna just get fucked up but I have an important thing to do tomorrow so I can't.

I just love you guys so much!!! Out here making the world a better place!!! By having "weird" kinks!!!!

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When I was young poeple spent a lot of time talking about the value of diversity while being very vague about what kind of diversity and now I get genuinely pumped about people having kinks I don't even share.

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