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surprised and disappointed how much "I have a dysfunctional relationship with discord servers" seems to resonate

mad that I missed out on weird homoerotic teenage experimentation with boys just 'cause I'm not cis.

Zhao Qingfeng... autistic?!?!

Either way when he was like, "I take a long time to react to things emotionally, people think I'm weird" I felt that.

*joins a discord server*
*mutes every channel*
*never checks it*
I'm socializing!

I'M HOLLERING I named myself Nie Huaisang in this cultivator game for a lark, and then joined the Wuxian Sect also for a lark and then like two days after I joined they made me leader?!?! but didn't say anything to me?!?! and my contribution to the sect is too low to use the chat function! So I am Nie Huaisang, deeply confused Sect Leader who is physically incapable of communicating with my sect

I have no solution for this, but I think it really sucks that I can only tell if I like a house/apartment/place to live after living there about a month, but at that point I'm already pretty committed.

admittedly it would probably be different if I was living where most of my stuff is, but today I learned that my priorities for "the house is on fire I gotta grab stuff and book it" are
1. electronics
2. BDSM equipment

(we're fine, the place is fine, while I'm pretty sure there was an actual fire, it was not a big deal and didn't reach our unit)

It really takes me out of a story when people refer to a sex toy as just "that toy" b/c like... I've never heard anyone do that IRL. We are always specific (unless we're hiding that we're talking about sex. Then we're waaaay vaguer) Like maybe we'd go with *category* of sex toy: that dildo" or "that flogger" or maybe like "that hitachi" or "that thing you put on your finger"

But just saying "that toy" makes me think you have no idea what it is and don't wanna bother figuring it out.

you know the sepia filter they put on certain countries in the movies to tell you it's bad there? Well that's what it looks like to be outside right now.

just realized one of the reasons I like Ji Chuan so much is that his actor is giving me major short vibes, even though apparently he's 6 ft tall?

CQL Yi City was great because I was equally horny for the plot and the actors. now I'm watching Birth of the Drama King and I am way hornier for Song Jiyang than for the plot so I have to keep stopping and going back because I forgot to pay attention to what people were saying.

Xiao Xingchen can have little a gaslighting. As a treat.

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gaslighting is a very specific term with a very specific meaning, Not all lying in relationships is gaslighting.
What I'm saying is Yi City does not necessarily contain any gaslighting... but it *could*

everyday I wake up and ask myself if I'm *sure* I care about my sleep schedule

okay WHy do I get SO ITCHY but only at NIGHT?

mdzs/cql spoilers 

fanwank: when he got to the Lans he was so malnourished that they assumed he was significantly youngr than he was and Sizhui is actually several years older than his peers/ than everyone thinks.

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mdzs/cql spoilers 

a DIFFERENT "timeline makes no sense" moment is that apparently Wen Ning told Sizhui about WWX planting a five-year-old in the dirt, but also according to SIzhui LWJ started caring for him when he was 4 or 5, after several years of seclusion (which we know to be three). Making him 1 or 2 when he joins the Lans?!?!? even if we assume LWJ started caring for Sizhui before the formal end of his seclusion, that's at least 2 years of difference.

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