Hey again mastodon <3 Loving the new layout, have a shukita sketch <3

oh god I totally stole time from work to make some art I could actually post

Ok I've found my million drawing surfaces I KNEW I HAD HERE SOMEWHERE


And hey - haha for someone who said they'd never write, I was writing a silly script on my phone, hidden under the pillow. It's something right?

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Ok. So now I'm officially back to work *cracks knuckles*
Lets get this out of the way so we can play more

Oil painting. This will will never ever dry forever
Im doomed haha
I need a million more of this boards so I can do more, because this one will be sitting here for a while

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Sexy times but.. still clothed? 

I miss tumblr's tag viewer and hidden comments on reblogs...

Holyshit someone just linked me the most intense book and I'll take a while to properly process the single chapter I've read

My curiosity for this anthropological aspects of fetishes and sexual behaviors is going to slowly kill me

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The Winter Soldier just wants to look up some hair care tutorials on YouTube, but he falls down a conspiracy-theory rabbit hole and discovers things he never knew before, like that 9/11 was an inside job and also that he shot JFK

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Ok guys, doing some magic here for @Sula so we can have some fanwork comics on Ao3.

Cross your fingers.

ok, so yeah, moving to this open sourced SM sites, Sula is going to be my official fandom name. I'll eventually do my art profile here too, and properly separated them this time.

I'm.. lucky to have found mastodon/hubzilla already. I have the sneaky feeling Twitter will not have NSFW material for much longer.

Now: is it going to be a sesta/fosta thing or an advertiser thing?

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I really like this digital services obituary site by IndieWeb: "Site deaths are when sites go offline, taking content and permalinks with them, and breaking the web accordingly. Site deaths are one of the big reasons why you should own your own identity and content on the web" indieweb.org/site-deaths

Gah haha can I even add people from an instance is not appearing on the federated timeline?

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