"I must say... what a wonderful butler, he's so violent!"

A complete of the Fourth Doctor from City of Death!

Another , this time the Eighth Doctor in the DWM comic "Doctor Who and the Nightmare Game", featuring my take on the infamous Creeper Eight meme! (With apologies to non-fans of Gar*eth Robe*rts.)

do you wear glasses or corrective eyewear? boost for exposure. i wanna know who can’t see for shit around here.

An in-progress Fifth Doctor (still need the right shoes and shirt... and maybe hat and/or cricket bat!)

Don't ya love it when you're buying something international, the shipping basically doubles the price tag and ya don't even get tracking in return?

YouTube (if you're not into that) 

Hey look I'm in a thing


tfw you want to make videos but depression just goes "pffft, nah fam"

I don't even know Vietnamese, I had to Google Translate it and look through everything to see if it was legit, and it seems to be.

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So apparently I'm just got a (completely legit, from what I can tell) invitation to sign up for Netflix... in Vietnamese.

Didn't think I'd have *this much* enjoyment out of a Sonic audio play, but here we are.


US politics, language 

As much as I hate Trump, I have to ask:


Not trying to be mean or anything, I'm just genuinely curious.

Ah, that's better....

Now for some sleep cuz it's midnight right now....


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I think I'm gonna use Mastodon over Twitter now.

I'm still keeping my Twitter just in case, since a lot of people I know still use it and have trouble joining this site.

First however, a little housecleaning....


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