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Happy Valentines Day ❤️

Heart Courtesy Of (RIP) .

Location: Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku

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Watching get shopped around to these random shows like a novelty is kind of sad and frustrating. Good Morning America and Colbert are not any kind of demographic that is going to be drawn to . I love Blackpink and I love Kpop but this isn't the U.S. debut I was hoping for ... would have been better suited or even ...

is backed by two HUGE financial giant companies which explains their presence in the U.S.

Decided I’ll be a little more open to sharing stuff for future comic projects just on mastodon every once in a while. I get so involved w current ones that I don’t have a lot outside of that to share, so this will help me a little more.

So enjoy a boy! While he doesn’t in the current comic, he DOES eventually get happy and healthy in another one i have planned. Feat. awkward what am i supposed to be doing rn teeth.

Does anyone know of any RPGs like Pillars Of Eternity II : Deadfire ... that aren't Pillars of Eternity? I really enjoyed Pillars Of Eternity II : Deadfire and I NEVER usually enjoy games of that type because they tend to be so HARDCORE and tedious. But PoE was really enjoyable and I LOVED the story. Is there anything out there similar?

For my fellow "builder" game fans ... did any of you check out Cliff Empire on Steam (Early Access)

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It is a new era in Disney Channel entertainment because the show has given the world Disney’s first openly character, . The news that Cyrus coming out has been known since 2017, but it has finally come to pass ...

It's become pretty clear to me after watching ... that the show went from one kind of show to becoming the Summer Bishil Show. I'm not saying she isn't a scene chewing genius ... I'm just saying the show changed a great deal as I was watching it and now ... somehow ... it's even less interesting.

House Democrats' marquee H.R.1 bill has dozens of proposals they say would strengthen American democracy, including requirements for states to use paper ballots and to offer online voter registration. It would also make Election Day a federal holiday.

In the vein of this new Pet Semetary ... you can call any movie Pet Semetary if it involves any family, with any number of children (or no children, and a corrupted burial ground. So really it's now a collection of ideas that fall under the moniker "Pet Semetary" ...

So like Friday the 13th then every movie called Pet Semetary should have a Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 after it ... and not be called a reboot if you're going to change core plot elements from film to film.

is about a family who loses their youngest child and the circumstances around how, why, and the consequences. When you change core plot points and make it about something else then it's not Pet Semetary unless you're saying Pet Semetary is about the cemetery and what happens to the people who learn about / come into contact with it. I guess then Pet Semetary is JUST a name to describe PLOT ELEMENTS that could be applied to any tale then ... It's not a reboot then it's a #2 ...

I really can't get behind the new plot direction ...

Maybe I just wish they'd stop remaking / rebooting / retooling things and just make new and interesting movies that are about the topics they want to push into old ones.

The directors et al say "the new direction for the story just made sense" ...

But it doesn't. It changes the entire story. It makes sense because you just wanted it to be the story so why not just make a new movie about that and call it something else?

Talking about shows that never really got their chance yesterday ... I was thinking of 2008's Moonlight this morning ... Moonlight was a vampire cop show ... maybe in the vein of Forever Knight but missing by a mile. The show wasn't bad by any means but I think it only had 1 season. Then almost a season later comes Vampire Diaries with a semi-younger cast (even though they weren't all) and a focus on teen angst that became a huge ongoing hit. The supernatural/YA thing boomed.

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Naoki Yoshida made an appearance at the XIV Fan Festival in Paris, where he was asked “As a director, in the online future of Final Fantasy, what sort of elements do you think you should deliver to players in Final Fantasy XVI or XVII?

Yoshida’s answer: “This is my personal opinion, but I don’t want them to include many machines, mecha/robots. I’d really like to see a Final Fantasy that’s a straight fantasy story.”

I'm in STRONG agreement with this FFXV was just ... BAD.

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