PTSD, violent abuse of humans and animals (link) 

Anyone out there happen to know the "most agreed upon" fate of in the whale rider legend?

My cat, Tauri, just really don't seem to understand that while I used to hold him often when he was a tiny, adorable kitten ... he's no longer TINY and I can't hold him with one arm comfortably while at my desk. It's impossible to write like this ... LOL ... but he keeps climbing on me nonetheless ...

French actor is one of his country’s best-known and award-laden film actors. He’s NEVER appeared in a TV drama, until now. He will star in France Televisions’ ().

Auteuil will play , former mayor of Vence, who was accused of rape and sexual assault by his 9 yr old grandson in the 90s. After serving a sentence of nearly a year and a half in remand, his grandson confessed to having lied.

Check French news outlets for info about the real case.

child abuse mention, law, japan (Part 2) 

child abuse mention, law, japan (Part 1) 

I've finally reached the "end of my first outline" for the first chapter of my novel.

I'm in completely new territory that hasn't been meticulously mapped out with bullets, graphs, and notes or thought about obsessively for the past 25 years ... I'm making things up moment to moment and it's taking me FOR....EV....ER .....

I'm sinking into the depths of fear, my brain is screaming "OMG I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING" ... and I'm at a snails pace.

has revealed it will no longer commission any comedy shows that have an all-male writing team.

Head of comedy made the announcement after realizing that the shows she works on had "an awful lot" of teams comprised of just men.

She added that her terms of commission have now been changed after consulting writers, producers and agents and will now shun anything written by a team that even features a "token woman".

Smart chest binding wearable (Final) 

Smart chest binding wearable (Part 1) 

has died at 95, her son announced on CNN.

Vanderbilt was a top international fashion model, and ventured into fashion, with her becoming a staple of the '70s designer scene. She was also an artist, heiress, designer and philanthropist.

Here are some epic photos of her from the 40s and 50s.

Entrepreneurs are eager to find substitutes for plastic that naturally degrade. One option is a "natural" made by microbes and then eaten by them. But the process is still in early days.

Etymology of the word "dinner" (Final) 

Etymology of the word "dinner" (Part 1) 

's booming industry is in crisis -- with low pay, long hours and a huge shortage of artists -- just as its global popularity has never been higher.

, a former stalwart says his peers also complain of low pay and burn-out in overworked animation teams who often put in 12- to 18-hour days.

"The biggest problem in the Japanese animation industry is that there are no more young animators and fewer and fewer animators can draw well by hand."

is a first-person, single-player action adventure where you’ll play as Ara in her fight to reclaim her legacy in the lost art of against a force of automated colonizers.

The starts on a dying colony planet with its destroyed, resourced depleted, and turned into a desert by machine invaders. Escape and set off on an adventure to help the resistance reclaim their freedom and drive off the invaders.

If you’re looking for some new , you may want to check out what has to offer.

They have some really cool looking dice that range in materials and styles to include normal plastic and also metal dice. You can buy the dice in sets, individually, or in a custom “build your own set” option.

If you don’t need your traditional dice, also have dice bags available, cheaters dice, 24-sided dice, 30-sided dice, and even 60-sided dice for when you feel really crazy.

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