Quick update for my post: 38, female, Swiss 🇨🇭 , ace-aro :heart_ace: (aegosexual), fandom old. Writer, vidder, giffer. Currently mainly into but also lots of other fandoms (mostly tv).

Came here after seeing posts on fandom-after-tumblr - really enjoying this place, especially because I never did fandom twitter.
I'm shirasade pretty much everywhere else - :dw: :tumblr: :ao3: :pillowfort: also Hubzilla (fandom.stopthatimp.net), previously LJ (deleted).

@TheWebRecluse The ace-umbrella is vast, and last year I stumbled across that term, which just fits my own brand of asexuality perfectly. I'm not sex- or romance-repulsed in the least, as proven by my love of writing/reading smut and of shipping in general. I just don't want either for myself, I like to keep it one degree removed, so to speak.

@shirasade I've been looking more into this in the past 4 years or so? Just as far as really understanding myself and how my sexuality has evolved/changed. I'm pushing 50 and I remember back when it was just gay, straight, or bi ... and then "fringe" LOL none of those fit me even back then (80s). Nowadays so much as changed and opened up so it's really nice to find that there's acceptance, exploration, understanding within so many categories now. It puts me at ease and really feels great.

@TheWebRecluse sexuality is so complicated. It took me ages to realize I fit under the ace umbrella, because I didn't match the most obvious definition. A lot of people don't get how good it feels to find acceptance.

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