I really want to switch to Linux full-time, but gaming keeps me here on Windows (I guess there have been LEAPS and BOUNDS of progress since I first attempted to switch over in 2014, buuuuut)

Is a combo of , , and a viable Steam-And-Windows alternative for someone who is, at best, an enthusiastic sophomore with ?


@alpine_thistle If nothing else, dual booting could be a feasible solution to particularly stubborn games. I've been meaning to set up a dual boot system so I can main on Linux and then switch over to windows when I feel like playing Skyrim or something, but I've been too lazy to bother setting it up, lately.

(It's not particularly difficult, but I've been meaning to start from scratch and rebuild things at the same time, and eh, maybe later.)

@ToonLink I’m technically already dual-booted, but I use Linux for almost nothing right now, since I haven’t revised my setup since... before my last depressive episode... it’s a mess lol

Skyrim was my main game when I built the thing but I haven’t played it in ages, so it’s less of a priority now

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