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Come to The Socéverse! It's a verse of my own interpretation.

We have:

* Birbs ("Simpler than Magic", "Asking for Roc")
* Cats ("Overlord")
* Dogs ("Playfield")
* Romance ("Silly human[...]~")
* Quests ("Cuasi Legendario")
* Postgame ("Beyond Today")
* Misunderstandings ("Forever Catch)
* Worldbuilding ("Built for Risk")
* ...even DLC! ("Making the World Go 'Round")

> Stories and AO3

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Introduction I guess?

I'm Venia Silente, a writer but also more of a person with a taste for adapting concepts across franchises. My main body of work is for the fandom where I have been participating in one-shot contests since 2009 and also am a worldbuilding consultant.

Can be found on and majorly, sometimes elsewhere. Can be talked to over XMPP/Jabber. Can also play Nintendo .

A good afternoon playing Monster Hunter is its own reward.

So I kinda remembered I have this thing. I've been so random about things the last few weeks.

MHGen's flagship mons from the most to least foxlike 🦊:

1.- Mizustune. Noodly. Soft. Yips. Paws (bonus: claws). This one is basically obvious. 10/10 fox.
2.- Glavenus. Has, like, a snout, a long tail. Hops around. Scaly like Mizu. 6/10 fox.
3.- Gammoth. Has four legs and fur. "Behold! A fox!" mood of simulacrum. 5/10 fox.
4.- Astalos. Long tail and that's about it? Not even trying to be fox, has its own thing going on. 2/10 fox.

@VeniaSilente well they tried to add them a few times, but *someone* always got too excited when they saw them and before you knew it, everyone was howling together.

maybe in the next version

New Content!

** Blink, Slowly **

Two Pokémon find themselves right past the pivotal moment in their quest to change the world, only it was all taken away from them. Can they survive this? Can their friendship?

Written for PMD Writers United more-or-less-a-challenge Lucario cull.



back in my day the only "crypto art" we had was what printed after running ssh-keygen

Lost in the margins of most of my fic docs, a note says:

"Actually publish it sometime."


Monster Hunter Rise is coming this next month.. and there might even be Rise G/U in the horizon.

And then, there's the now announced Pokémon Legends Arceus that seems to have like, the exact same weeb vibe.

...I think my fanfiction writing time is going to die this year.

I think I'll have to apologize to my readers in advance...

Not *this* year's Valentine's yet, but I did republish my original Valentines now in AO3.

**Silly Human, Romance is for Nidoran~!**

A story about two Nidorans, how they met and how one good boi will charge head on into the mysteries of human civilization if it's to discover wuv.

English ↣

Español ↣

Help how do I prevent my small story / drabble idea from forming a plot?

I could be sleeping for some mental health.


I can watch youtube videos until I'm too tired to not notice I'm tired.

Aaaah, that sweet™ feeling when you finish work and feel like you could dedicate a few hours to or , but no, you get that sudden post-work tiredness that won't go away without a nap and pills.

For no reason other than to ease publishing in sites like AO3 as well as conversion / export for publishing on BBCode based sites, I've now taken to save my fics as HTML.

Probably controversial take, but

Groudon is just a giant, hot Volvidon.

oh you work at a big company? that's cool. I'm a fucking dragon


I'm installing the Monster Hunter Rise demo. No one is allowed to interact with me ever again.

Me, checking all the stuff in the kitchen: "Cool, a mackerel can to add to lunch! Mine."

The cat, teleporting from the backyard: "Ours."

A huge shout out to @Tagg , my secret (even to me sometimes, until I remember it again!!!) provider of research and information when it comes down to investigating lots of things.

(Also provider of links to articles suddenly somehow mentioning )

Really ought to have asked you in advance for input when it came down to doing
for my Teroraga ; maybe for the next one I'll give you a ping.

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