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Come to The Socéverse! It's a verse of my own interpretation.

We have:

* Birbs ("Simpler than Magic", "Asking for Roc")
* Cats ("Overlord")
* Dogs ("Playfield")
* Romance ("Silly human[...]~")
* Quests ("Cuasi Legendario")
* Postgame ("Beyond Today")
* Misunderstandings ("Forever Catch)
* Worldbuilding ("Built for Risk")
* ...even DLC! ("Making the World Go 'Round")

> Stories and AO3

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Introduction I guess?

I'm Venia Silente, a writer but also more of a person with a taste for adapting concepts across franchises. My main body of work is for the fandom where I have been participating in one-shot contests since 2009 and also am a worldbuilding consultant.

Can be found on and majorly, sometimes elsewhere. Can be talked to over XMPP/Jabber. Can also play Nintendo .

Crossposting can be useful sometimes!

“Beyond Today”, my award-winning 2018 PMD oneshot, is now available on WAAPT and Thousand Roads.


The cat has decided, in his infinite wisdom, that sleeping *besides* the sunbeam is better than sleeping *within* the sunbeam.

Oh well.

Daily Sketch 02-27-2022

SPRIGATITO IS BEST GATITO. I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

Estoy pensando que, como planeo reescribit «Built for Risk», una historia que escribí hace tiempo que introducía al no-descrito al Presidente de Suocé, para el remaster lo moldearé inspirado en nuestro nuevo Presidente.

Varón joven, recién tomando el mando. De las tierras del sur de Caledoria (mi stand-in de Poké!Argentina / Poké!Patagonia). De nombre, Boris Fuentealba o algo parecido. Y obviamente su inicial será Squirtle.

I've decided that for when I rewrite *Built for Risk*, which featured the nondescript President of Suocé, I'm almost definitively going to make him a young inaugurated with a name like... dunno, Boris Fuentealba or something like that. From the far south of Caledoria (my Argentina/Patagonia stand-in). And of course, his starter will be Squirtle.

I want to play videogames, to watch movies, to eat, to drink, to listen to jazz and to pet the cat.

But I'm tired, the cat is tired, and we both are about to fall asleep where we sit.

I am using a piece of software that had its interface translated into Italian. Among the printing settings, I see two options (“strano” and “persino”) that translate back to English as “weird” and “surprisingly”. It took me a while to understand that it means “odd” and “even” pages

Pokémon: Glorioso Español is now officially a thing!

¡Pokémon: Glorioso Español ahora es oficial!

Sometimes you like a community a lot, they are a good resource and all.

But repeated encounters with their admin team teach they are not too different from other power-hungry admin teams in the past, that had the banhammer as the only tool to take criticism. and pick a bone with people who question that culture.

Worse, this is a Discord-only community.

Time to downgrade membership to "lurker", I guess. And invite their members to other places.

Today is Valentine's Day, which means I'm contractually allowed to crosspost my Nidoran Valentines' story.

Stay tuned.

Finally back from vacations but creative brain seems to not be fully armed and operational as of yet. Tried composing a scene and brain started punching itself on how to chain sentences together.

I don't even want to imagine how coder brain is doing.

It's still fucking ridiculous that Paul W.S. Anderson felt the need to make his Monster Hunter movie an isekai, because reasons. :blobglarenervous:

Spoilers: Pokémon Legends Arceus 

When your character still has anxiety after being Isekai'd into the wonderful world of (savage, red-eyed, interdimensional-empowered, Monster House-spawned) Pokémon!

(hey, at least they're still a human!)

I see reports that PLA (Pokémon Legends Arceus) freezes at startup and I guess those people rushed too much and didn't read the manual.

As for me, my PLA has been stuck for 10 minutes... at the starter choice screen. It's an incredibly difficult choice.

No matter what corporations tell you, there's one good thing about Totally Legit Means (/ the sidewalk store / the seven seas) that they can't and never will be able let alone willing to compare to.

All those videogames I wanted for Xmas? MHS2, MHGU, Y's IX, Pokémon Legends Arceus, etc.?

I can catch them all.

First Toot!

I make authentic NES graphics, sometimes NES games. This is for a game of mine under the codename "Borscht".

#PixelArt #RetroGaming

I have it on very good and reliable source that Monopoly Pacman is a very fun game to play with 3 friends and just about as good a friendship-smasher as... well, Smash :p

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