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Come to The Socéverse! It's a verse of my own interpretation.

We have:

* Birbs ("Simpler than Magic", "Asking for Roc")
* Cats ("Overlord")
* Dogs ("Playfield")
* Romance ("Silly human[...]~")
* Quests ("Cuasi Legendario")
* Postgame ("Beyond Today")
* Misunderstandings ("Forever Catch)
* Worldbuilding ("Built for Risk")
* ...even DLC! ("Making the World Go 'Round")

> Stories and AO3

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Introduction I guess?

I'm Venia Silente, a writer but also more of a person with a taste for adapting concepts across franchises. My main body of work is for the fandom where I have been participating in one-shot contests since 2009 and also am a worldbuilding consultant.

Can be found on and majorly, sometimes elsewhere. Can be talked to over XMPP/Jabber. Can also play Nintendo .

I could be writing, but instead I am helping other people write.

...I hope at least that's *some* form of progress!

This is super cool. A Guide to and collection on where you can mimic twitter, tumblr, instagram, official investigative/mission reports, make imgs wrappable w/text, list goes on!

... wow so apparently is two years old this Friday?


Self-care tip #1: play with cat

Self-care tip #1.1b: teach the cat when it's not the proper time for play

One of the things I *don't* like about being younger is that back then I was also unwiser, and thus did not do stuff like properly archiving stories and I liked and that are now lost to the internets of time.

The pseudowyverns are all cute and nice but Barioth is straight out a cool cat.

(avatar unrelated </s> )

It's finally done (more or less).

My first "Camagrur" and its evolution "Falgrergenza" have been released under CC-BY-NC license.

Camagrur is a marine centipede-like Pokémon that has the ability to tag objects in the sea with a tissue that acts as a psychic relay, allowing it to detect threats remotely.

Artwork courtesy of @Umbramatic at birdsite (

Me: "Working on various projects, I'd hopefully not be biting more than I can chew"

Darth Me: "Join another project"

Starting very end of October 2020, I've joined Project Platinum 2 (@PlatiiProject on birdsite), team working on a sequel to Pokémon Platinum.

I''ll be working there at least until the end of the year as an assist script-writer and story developer for various scenes once I'm caught up with their toolset. They'll teach me how to script-write!

Hey, a good thing to counter this annoying 2020.

Me a month ago:
"How fun would it be if I designed my own , it must be so easy, it's just animals with stuff tacked on"

Me yesternite, deep into research on arthropod locomotion, the evolution of compound eyes, effects of tectonics on the distribution of haloclines, NFC, the hydraulics of nylon and other stuff like that:
"I thought this was Digimon where does this eeeeeend"

Drawing is something that I've never really tried a hand at... but perhaps that is something that tech can help overcome?

I have a 3DS with its stylus, and ctroller... yet I do am afraid to use them...

Imagine being a werefox with a lunar cycle.

For about a third of the month you don't transform, but one night, shortly before the half moon, you become a fox.

Then, the next night, you become a two-tailed fox.

Further tails appear on successive nights, until on the night of the full moon you become a full nine-tailed fox!

The cycle then reverses as the moon wanes.

Okay, so I found more or less a way to try and resurrect the power.

I've officially joined *Rise to the Top*, a focused on a World Championships kind of thing.

For this adventure I'm playing my OC Ravir Eisenhorth and I expect to develop characterization for a few mons I have so far not given screentime to, such as Electabuzz, Aggron and Coalossal.

The best confirmation that we are in the wrong timeline is looking at 2020, everything that has been going on, and still no word of a Garou: Mark of the Wolves sequel to save us.

Am I the only person to think that BBS / chan-like forum board styles would be very, *very* good for running things like RPs?

They are designed with a simplicity and a focus on the flow of conversation and the ability to point both backwards and further into a conversation that normal forum software (like phpBB, vBulletin etc) don't have. And they are quite lean, I think it's possible to run a BBS server on a beeper.

My cat and the black cat from four houses over decided to hold a staring contest in our backyard.

I won.

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