Gamers: "devs have to invent new things always!"

Final Fantasy: Tale of the Crystals
FF Ⅱ: Tale of the Crystals Ⅱ
FF Ⅲ: Tale of the Reverse Crystals
FF Ⅳ: Tale of the Crystals Ⅳ
FF Ⅴ: Tale of the Crystals Ⅴ
FF Ⅵ: Tale of The Crystals Are People!
FF Ⅸ: Tale of The One Crystal
FF ⅩⅡ: Tale of the Crystals Industry
FiF ⅩⅢ: Tale of Crystals Be No More (1, 2, LR)
FF ⅩⅣ: Tales of the Mothercrystal
FF ⅩⅤ: Tale of We Didn't Really Get Our Own Crystal

Some corrections and addendums thanks to friends various:

FFⅦ: The Cautionary Tale of Crystals As Fossil Fuel
FFⅧ: The Tale Tangentially About The Moon Crystal
FFⅩⅠ: Tales of the Mothercrystal, Original Flavour!
FFⅩⅣ: The Mothercrystal and the Multiverse of Madness
FFⅩⅤ: The Crystal: The Game [You Just Lost The Game]
Chrystal Chronicles: Tale of the Crystal Chronicles
FF Crisis Core: The Real Crystal Is The Tears We Cried Along The Way

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