I've filed a bug report on AO3 to see if they can enable <ruby> / furigana annotations in the production render, since it works in the post preview render. It would be awesome to have this feature to add eg.: *inline* pronounciation annotations for uncommon or made-up words, something that often comes up in the world of fanfiction.

I'll report on results starting next week.

For inspiration see this tweet

I don't joke when it comes to mixing language features. So while I wait for that AO3 response I'm writing a case for <ruby> support to submit to four forums I'm in.

I did my homework: compared to usual annotation tags bbcode forums have, ruby/furigana:

* resolves completely client-side
* gracefully degrades to inline display
* is well-supported standard
* is more accessible than eg.: "spoiler" tags that need clicking
* works in flat render modes (print preview, RSS, etc)

Trying to take over the internet, one furigana at a time.

I've assembled a generic-purpose case to add ruby support:

Also I've started a discussion thread in r/AO3 on the subject:

, discussion on which seems to suggest furigana is "planned, but for when a major rewrite is done".

Good news: PokéCommunity has added a [ruby] tag to their BBCode today. 😀

Medium-Good news: WAAPT Forum also has it. Since I'm an op there, I can't really count it as a win *from* the case.

Medium-Bad news: AO3 says they would consider it... in the Blue Moon when they do a "sanitizer overhaul", which I think reasonably means "we want to but we don't know when"? Kinda like how I want to go vacations at Llaima...

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