Gotta say I'm liking the veekun [1] database by Eevee [2]. Simple to load, simple to work with, and simple to derive from to build my own database infra.

I thought it was about time I give a nod+shout of recognition since I usually do give those to the software project I use [3]. And perhaps if I can relift that idea I had to contribute data...


@VeniaSilente With all due respect, gonna point out that Eevee is a bit of a legitimate missing stair[1] in fandom. They've got a colorful history of encroaching on people's boundaries, including (but not, I believe, limited to) minors. It's a pain in the ass to dig up sources on this that aren't "wow look kiwifarms!!!" or "lolicon/shotacon is equivalent to actual crimes" though, even though I know it exists. Don't harass them, just think twice before platforming them, tbh.


@Lazulite That's fine and I can take and thank warnings about the person.

That said, I'm less/not interested about "platforming" and more about the actual software project. This is the internet, I know to separate the worker from the work.

If perhaps you can suggest an alternative database project that can do what it does better and doesn't have those "issues", that'd be quite an interesting find.

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