In the interest of more cakes for the fandom, this week I'll start re-publishing some of my older stories I originally wrote for Spanish-sphere, now defunct communities. (Just with some touches here and ther, it's been over 8 years)

We need more Glorioso Español in our lives / Necesitamos más Glorioso Español en nuestras vidas.

New Content!

** Blink, Slowly **

Two Pokémon find themselves right past the pivotal moment in their quest to change the world, only it was all taken away from them. Can they survive this? Can their friendship?

Written for PMD Writers United more-or-less-a-challenge Lucario cull.



Lost in the margins of most of my fic docs, a note says:

"Actually publish it sometime."

Not *this* year's Valentine's yet, but I did republish my original Valentines now in AO3.

**Silly Human, Romance is for Nidoran~!**

A story about two Nidorans, how they met and how one good boi will charge head on into the mysteries of human civilization if it's to discover wuv.

English ↣

Español ↣

I know there is some sort of divide between "original" (end air quotes) writing and , and how the former looks at the latter as a lesser form. But I wonder if the real structure and reason for the divide is not in the genres or the format, but rather simply a divide over privilege.

"Fanfiction", as well, as self-publishing, stand on their own; whereas "original writing" needs the approval of a studio, needs third-party trust, needs to have lawyers attached to it.


One of the things I *don't* like about being younger is that back then I was also unwiser, and thus did not do stuff like properly archiving stories and I liked and that are now lost to the internets of time.

Yesterday I submitted my participation to SWC, or Small Writing Contest, part of the yearly Get Together event. It was an arduous task to get to write it, but I managed to submit the results within the deadline with two hours to spare.

What that means, my dear bitches, is that I'm about to publish a new story. Soon™.

Expect me.

New Story Out!

“Sabres in the Sandstone” – Colton, a trainer from Unova, arrives to Suocé in search of distractions. Instead of some wild Pokémon, it's local guardian who steps in to the challenge. Colton already skipped a Legendary fight... does he have what it takes to withstand Cobalion's power?

ft. Absent Coder's characters from .

I'm told that there's shortage of Gates (or "Magnagates") representation in fanfiction, and I have written only one, so next story I write after I finish the current one will very likely be another Gates piece.

Come to The Socéverse! It's a verse of my own interpretation.

We have:

* Birbs ("Simpler than Magic", "Asking for Roc")
* Cats ("Overlord")
* Dogs ("Playfield")
* Romance ("Silly human[...]~")
* Quests ("Cuasi Legendario")
* Postgame ("Beyond Today")
* Misunderstandings ("Forever Catch)
* Worldbuilding ("Built for Risk")
* ...even DLC! ("Making the World Go 'Round")

> Stories and AO3

Today, at work, I have advanced 1000 more words on my WIP fic than on the last 5 days that I have been secluded at home.

(I'm, like, *totally* working. Believe it!)

That feeling when you complete a small scene (that you are likely *not* going to use in production...) of Cobalion half-dissing a Trainer because he thinks they are a millennial.

I've got three random requests to pick up a fic I left hanging in, like, 2009. And I'm wondering if it's a good idea or not. Might need to work on it from scratch.

Working status:

Remastering one of my old fics in Spanish so I can publish in Fanficslandia.

es: Remasterizando uno de mis antiguos fics para publicarlo en Fanficslandia.

Nueva (Vieja) Publicación:

“Cuasi Legendario”, uno de mis de Pokémon, se encuentra en su versión original publicado y archivado en .

Se trata de un paladín que debe rescatar a su princesa de una hechicera... o quizá de algo mucho menos ominoso.

He publicado esta versión de archivo para empezar a trabajar en un remake este es de Mayo.

As a final productive use of my time before quarantine closes (for the eye of the storm break I suppose) I'm going to see how the Spanish-speaking fandom is doing and sign up to a community that I feel is active.

Who knows, I might get to republish my old Glorioso Español work again, and then perhaps new material.

A thought:

COVID19 isolation will become the next "Aliens made them do it" in ...

An idea I just came up with:

The Four Horsemen of Pokémon Writing:

**War** : "You should write Pokémon species names [non-]capitalized!"

**Pestilence** : "Nooo you are doing Ash wrong! He should be shipped with Dawn instead!"

**Famine**: "What do your humans even eat if not Pokémon? There are No Animals!"

**Death**: "Last updated Oct 2015"

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