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I don't joke when it comes to mixing language features. So while I wait for that AO3 response I'm writing a case for <ruby> support to submit to four forums I'm in.

I did my homework: compared to usual annotation tags bbcode forums have, ruby/furigana:

* resolves completely client-side
* gracefully degrades to inline display
* is well-supported standard
* is more accessible than eg.: "spoiler" tags that need clicking
* works in flat render modes (print preview, RSS, etc)

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Just finished this week's Behind the Bastards on the Colonia Dignidad and it is a very heavy one

I've filed a bug report on AO3 to see if they can enable <ruby> / furigana annotations in the production render, since it works in the post preview render. It would be awesome to have this feature to add eg.: *inline* pronounciation annotations for uncommon or made-up words, something that often comes up in the world of fanfiction.

I'll report on results starting next week.

For inspiration see this tweet

Friendship ended with LibreOffice Writer, Apostrophe is my new best outline and drafting friend.

(Not that LO is any bad, Apostrophe is just much focused on what I need at a lower cost)

If your doesn't have room for empanadas, you really need to sit back and think it over. I'll wait.


H’aanit from Octopath Traveler:

- can equip multiple weapons, such as axes, bows, etc
- comes from a community aware of its role in nature
- has her own friend/pet monster
- can hunt and capture monsters
- builds her own team of six monsters
- goes into battle alongside her monster companions
- can learn skills from human companions


H’aanit is a combined Monster Hunter/Rider. The best of both worlds.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

suicune spawned near me while playing pixelmon with my wife and I thought it made a nice scene

In the interest of more cakes for the fandom, this week I'll start re-publishing some of my older stories I originally wrote for Spanish-sphere, now defunct communities. (Just with some touches here and ther, it's been over 8 years)

We need more Glorioso Español in our lives / Necesitamos más Glorioso Español en nuestras vidas.

A new entry has been published: **"Allotter of Crawling Deaths"**, ft.: Khezu's best friend we all dearly miss: Gigginox!

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Me: -writes a oneshot to debut a new character-
Me: -kills off the MC in his debut story-
My fellow writers: "TELL US MORE"

Some corrections and addendums thanks to friends various:

FFⅦ: The Cautionary Tale of Crystals As Fossil Fuel
FFⅧ: The Tale Tangentially About The Moon Crystal
FFⅩⅠ: Tales of the Mothercrystal, Original Flavour!
FFⅩⅣ: The Mothercrystal and the Multiverse of Madness
FFⅩⅤ: The Crystal: The Game [You Just Lost The Game]
Chrystal Chronicles: Tale of the Crystal Chronicles
FF Crisis Core: The Real Crystal Is The Tears We Cried Along The Way

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Gamers: "devs have to invent new things always!"

Final Fantasy: Tale of the Crystals
FF Ⅱ: Tale of the Crystals Ⅱ
FF Ⅲ: Tale of the Reverse Crystals
FF Ⅳ: Tale of the Crystals Ⅳ
FF Ⅴ: Tale of the Crystals Ⅴ
FF Ⅵ: Tale of The Crystals Are People!
FF Ⅸ: Tale of The One Crystal
FF ⅩⅡ: Tale of the Crystals Industry
FiF ⅩⅢ: Tale of Crystals Be No More (1, 2, LR)
FF ⅩⅣ: Tales of the Mothercrystal
FF ⅩⅤ: Tale of We Didn't Really Get Our Own Crystal

Done and done, published the first of the old.

"Overlord", my story for Serebii's writing contests featuring Giovanni and Persian.


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The young magic creatures listened intently.

"To be a familiar is a sacred obligation," croaked the ancient toad, as wise as they were rotund, "So take your time revealing yourself, no matter how eager or tempted. You must know the mage your existence will be dedicated to."

"How many mages may we be courted by?" asked a kitten.

"As many as possible."

The kitten scampered off excitedly; there were many saucers of fish to sample.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #Fantasy

The dragon observed the travel-worn king, bowing his head of silver-streaked hair.

"Why do you seek me? I have upheld the Royal truce for centuries."

The King lifted his gaze up to the dragon, "I have an excess of sons and daughters."

"The truce states I no longer take royal children."

"You misunderstand, o dragon, please, take me."

"And leave your wife to rule and raise your offspring alone?!"

"Absolutely not! She's right behind me."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

For those who know my works, I have started a poll to see which of my older oneshots should I crosspost to AO3 next.

A new entry has been published: "Teacher of the Hunting Instinct", for best boi and best mon of them all: Great Jaggi !

(G-Jaggi for Rise when)

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A new entry has been published: "Consummate Consumer", for best pickle boi Deviljho.

(and just in time for Rise 3.0, it seems)

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