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Very few things in the world are more uplifting for one's mood than picking up doot doot (aka "Hunting Horn") in GU / Rise and going into the internet to help random Low Ranks with their quests.

My only dismay is that Qurupeco didn't make it into to either game, which means no Peco doot doot.

(As a SA main, I can strongly recommend doot doot)

I get that "think of the children" is a factor but like... really. This is Pokémon. A stronger factor seems to be "protect yourself from the children" which to some point also makes sense, but doesn't everyone lie about their age on the internet anyway? On this internet identity for example, I'm 25.

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It is sad how infectious and damaging corporate platforms like Discord are to fandom in general.

I'm a subforum mod in a community for a franchise dedicated to Pokémon — you, know, a franchise so geared for children that we former-children suffer from that aspect of it.

Recently the community took the decision to bar all underage users from the community. Ban all the children from engaging in a franchise for children.


Because they made Discord *mandatory*.

Waking up to the news that the mods of a forum want to help me get a series of rhymes published on their site. Nice, but also eeek, hoping not to disappoint.

While on my tour of old Atari ST software, I found an interesting UI concept I had not seen before. If you do something wrong in the Papyrus desktop publishing package, then it'll beep at you. But you need to hit ^? ("Why the beep") in order to show the corresponding error message.

I rather like this. It prevents the user being spammed by modal error dialogs, and the user can choose whether to read more about it. An interesting alternative to the now-common "Don't show this to me again" checkbox.

Late but hey,

A new entry has been published for the luminous legend that will sink the world.

**Luna of the Underworld**, featuring the Elder Dragon, Ceadeus.

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If I had a dollar for every time someone tossed the trite trodden rant that just because my writing diverges noticeably from the source I *have to* have had made it into an original story, and even more, an extra dollar when they suggest also that I *have* to have made it into a published blockbuster to boot,

then I'd have enough money to buy a Russian container of influencers and sweat them to make new memes.

Hey zine people: This is a PSA that if you want to make your content accessible both online and in print, you need multiple versions:
--An imposed PDF for printing
--A regular PDF for digital viewing
--A text/html version for people who use screen readers, and easier republishing

Hot take but

Just one moment.

That one Monster Hunter movie might have been cringe and unnecessary isekai and all that, but it was not 100% bad. It had one (1) saving grace:

It gave Rathalos the gravitas and relevance befitting of the Monster Hunter mascot and iconic "Pikachu" (/"Charizard") of sorts.

Even better (...or worse), it's the only Monster Hunter media to do this (no, MHStories is mostly about Rath *variants*, the species proper is barely relevant at all).

So apparently, Arceus was named Sinnoh in Legends: Arceus' timeframe.
Arceus = Sinnoh
Do Not Sin
$350 Fine

(thanks for coming to my TED Talk)

Theory: Arceus/Sinnoh was known as a deity of purity and retribution.

dear FSFE,

if you really want to encourage the upcycling of Android devices, you need to take responsibility for maintaining a robust, comprehensive archive of all of the software required to do so, for as many phones as possible. with no exceptions, other than "we just can't find the software for it". TWRP et al recoveries, new ROMs, SuperSU or equivalent for rooting... everything. and comprehensive guides.

because as it is, once people step outside the top few phone brands, even trying to get hold of the latest ROM means scrabbling around on forums and websites of questionable provenance, with little or no support - and a fair number of spam sites along the way

so first, fix that. *then*, once you've made it easy, you can preach to us about upcycling phones.

I've started working on a new story, titled "Gelid Remainder". Right now I'm only looking for people to take a look at the final outline before I can just to the drafting phrase.

Admittedly somewhat hesitant and lacking in confidence, as it's been years since I last tackled a multichapter, and I've only finished one, ever.

kind of resent that we were taught that Edison invented over a thousand patentable things rather than being taught that Edison was rich enough to build a research facility and get credit on the patents for most of what the staff there invented

- 🎒 💢

Good news: PokéCommunity has added a [ruby] tag to their BBCode today. 😀

Medium-Good news: WAAPT Forum also has it. Since I'm an op there, I can't really count it as a win *from* the case.

Medium-Bad news: AO3 says they would consider it... in the Blue Moon when they do a "sanitizer overhaul", which I think reasonably means "we want to but we don't know when"? Kinda like how I want to go vacations at Llaima...

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I've assembled a generic-purpose case to add ruby support:

Also I've started a discussion thread in r/AO3 on the subject:

, discussion on which seems to suggest furigana is "planned, but for when a major rewrite is done".

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I think I want to write a character study. The hard part is, I think, choosing which of my characters I'm going to choose for it.

Trying to take over the internet, one furigana at a time.

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I don't joke when it comes to mixing language features. So while I wait for that AO3 response I'm writing a case for <ruby> support to submit to four forums I'm in.

I did my homework: compared to usual annotation tags bbcode forums have, ruby/furigana:

* resolves completely client-side
* gracefully degrades to inline display
* is well-supported standard
* is more accessible than eg.: "spoiler" tags that need clicking
* works in flat render modes (print preview, RSS, etc)

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