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I think the moment that best highlights who I am as a person is the time I almost cried about how much I love memes after getting 3 hours of sleep and consuming a massive amount of caffeine. There’s not much else you need to know.

I can't believe that it's the year of our lord 2019 and sera gamble is still making me stay up until 3am because of my anger about how she treats bisexual male characters.

And I used to think a lot of the hatred towards her was just misogyny, but like. Fuck this fuck her fuck all of it.

I got my tax return today and so consequently having been trying to restrain my impulse to buy fandom themed clothing.

I’ve just realized that when write fan fiction I write m/m pairings almost exclusively but when I write original fiction I almost always write f/f relationships. And now I don’t know what to do with this information 🤣

The incredulity people express when I dare to suggest they read a young adult or teen book is wild. Like just because the target is younger doesn’t mean it can’t be a great book. v( ‘.’ )v

“Yeah, I could do that, but I'm paralyzed with not caring very much.” Same Spike, same.

Remembering there are bonus tracks from early P!ATD that aren’t on Spotify has made for some excellent time spent on YouTube 😍😊

One of my favorite things at my current job is when we've closed the store and we can stop having Retail Opinions™ and can have Real People Opinions again. The shade that gets thrown is PRICELESS

me writing fic: You know what would be great? If I included references to movies I like.
Narrator voice: it was not great. She could remember none of the details because she hadn't seen the movies she chose in years

if you ever fall down in public, just loudly announce, "it's okay, I just haven't inhabited this form in a while." that'll clear it up

Do you ever feel

Like a plastic bag,

Capable of suffocating,

Unsupervised children?

Here’s to hoping it’s just weather/season related and not a deeper seated issue.

My life the last few months has been a weird amalgamation of really happy periods mixed in with stretches of feeling like I’m coasting or just being sad all the time.

Every spring I forget that leaving the window open overnight means I will wake up to a chorus of these feathery assholes.

Extremely Hot Take:

If you have book lovers in your life, DON'T buy them books. Chances are, they've either already bought it, already read it, both, or have actively decided not to do either.

(Exceptions: Book-related vouchers, things from the recipient's actual wishlist.)

Finally got my dad to set up a new record player that has been sitting in the box for months. My parents have a pretty great record collection, but hadn’t had a working turntable for the longest time. Let the binge listening of 70s/80s rockpop begin! 😍

Decide to reread one of my senior papers for the lulz, and I think I may have induced panic mode. I had to reassure myself that I already turned this paper in and graduated, there is nothing to fear

The sheer joy and elation at seeing a queer couple in gifs of a tv show, getting super excited to watch the show, only to find out that it is a genre of show that you have no interest in.

Yesterday, I realized that my conditioner despite SAYING it's for curly hair has silicone in it. Despite being 10pm, I went straight to Target and bought all new conditioner and hair masks. Let the hair recovery begin.

I seriously question my parents' decision to let me continue to store stuff in my childhood bedroom, because anytime I am looking for something in there, I'm continuously yelling about what a hoarder past me was.

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