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I think the moment that best highlights who I am as a person is the time I almost cried about how much I love memes after getting 3 hours of sleep and consuming a massive amount of caffeine. There’s not much else you need to know.

It’s October, which means the number of times I listen to spooky scary skeletons a day rises exponentially.

I am so glad I now know how good it feels to come home somewhere I don’t have to hide my queerness. It’s so damn freeing.

Much love to my roomies ♥️♥️♥️

I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival. ~ Audre Lorde

It has been 69 days since I first watched Good Omens. It still runs my life and I am as obsessed as ever.

I don’t stay up until 4 am every night looking at ren faire costumes.

But I sure did last night.

Nothing says “I need to sleep in a room with windows” like sleeping 14 hours uninterrupted.

Little girl at work: *tells me all about the book she’s looking for and how her family is going camping in the most adorable way possible*
Me, trying to hold back tears: “You go, you funky little child”

Referring to my teenage years as "the worst arc of the show so far"

That, but Aziraphale is unconsciously growing his hair and his barber just being super chill and going along with it. He’s just accepted that Aziraphale just doesn’t make any sense and probably isn’t human anyway.

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So I’ve been thinking about Good Omens (shocker, I know) and it’s established that Aziraphale has a barber. But like his hair is always the same length? I’ve seen it suggested that the barber just pretends to cut his hair, as it’s more of a social thing than an actual necessity. But I would like suggest a sort of Stardust-esque scene. You know the bit where Captain Shakespeare cuts Tristan’s hair but at one point it’s even longer than when he began?

MY IRL FRIENDS HAVE FINALLY WATCHED GOOD OMENS!!! Let the torrent of texts of fan art and memes commence!

My mother: why don’t you spend more time with your dad?
my dad: *has Fox News on almost everyday, uses a term for intellectual disability to mean dumb like this is the early 2000s all over again, and cannot see an lgbt couple on tv without remarking on how it’s “wrong”*
Me the closeted bi, who tries to get my dad to see that these behaviors are problematic and is ignored: *looks into the camera like I’m Jim on The Office*

My mother thought the two characters were having two completely different conversations, but my dad had no idea either character was talking about sexuality. It wasn’t particularly subtle subtext, if you can even call it that. But it sure escaped their comprehension.

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It kind of boggles my mind how much queer subtext goes over straight people’s heads. Or maybe how much I’ve started to notice. My parents have been watching schitt’s creek and there is a discussion between two characters about sexuality that uses wine as an extended metaphor. Like the straight character “prefers red wine” but the pansexual character “likes wine not the label”

Accidentally left my kettle on the stove for the second time when leaving the house. Nothing wrong with the house, but this is the second kettle I’ve ruined this way 🤬

Me on a normal work day: I love working at a used book store

Me on a sale day: this book entitled ‘half price homicide’ is about to become my autobiography

You tell yourself you're going on AO3 to check if there is an accepted fanon detail about a character in your fic. The next time you look at the clock 30+ minutes have passed and you are neck-deep in a 147,050 word story that isn't even in the same fandom 🤦‍♀️

What I should be doing: Writing to make progress on my Camp NaNoWriMo project

What I am doing: Sitting around in my Thirteenth Doctor coat, reading Good Omens fan fiction

Man says I’m pretty at work: *immediately changes the subject* Anyway....

Woman or non-binary person says I’m pretty at work: *DisasterBi.exe has stopped working, would you like to reboot?*

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