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I think the moment that best highlights who I am as a person is the time I almost cried about how much I love memes after getting 3 hours of sleep and consuming a massive amount of caffeine. There’s not much else you need to know.

if you have work dreams, you shouldn't then have to go to work.

good omens spoiler-ish? 

Customer: “wow, you’re really cute”
Me, internally: *suppressing the urge to honk like a goose*
Me, externally: “anyway, we can offer you X dollars for your cds today”

I open CW’d toots with *reckless* abandon because I want to see jokes but sometimes they aren’t jokes and then I’m just burdened with dark knowledge.

It's so wild being mostly closeted and on social media. I recently shared a article on facebook about the word bisexual being so charged in 2019 and one of my professors from college commented the difference between the words bisexual and pansexual. Like, honey, we been knew. 🤣

I can't believe that there's a non-negligible group of adult men in the world who genuinely think that they're being oppressed because theyre not allowed to say slurs on the internet

Also, bless my fellow queer friends for putting up with all the queer memes I keep sending them. I’m relentless

People around me: it’s June soon, I’m excited for summer
Me: it’s Pride month soon, I’m excited for all the GAY

I still can't believe it how on one side, there is lots of scientific and technical advancements that make everything awesome for all of us, while at the same time, we're still debating on issues like LGBT rights and health care.

Honestly, I have gotten more enjoyment not watching GoT and watching from the sidelines as the current audience loses its mind about the writing than I ever did when I actually watched the series.

Most time travelers worry about changing history by accidentally killing the wrong butterfly or things like that. But the real danger is making pop culture references long before the source material is written.
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"I had to endure this, so everyone else should" is not a phrase a really, truly kind person says.

If you find yourself saying it (or something like it), you might ask yourself why.

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