All the stuff on Masto is making me want to start up my game again. I just have to actually get off my butt and write the second module for it...

(Particularly since at the end of the first module my players thought they died. Which... they technically did. But they're about to be clone-reborn on a dragon-dream-powered spaceship on the Astral Plane! Module 2 will be about starting to restore the ship...)


(The other module I have waiting to be played is my Teen Wolfish/CW-inspired W20 game. The players managed to survive their first changes, first trip into the Umbra, and first encounters with the Wyrm. Plus they kind-of-sort-of saved the local Sept. Chapter 2 will be taking the Moon Bridge to NYC to do their initiations. That one requires babysitters to play, though, so it's harder to get everyone together for it...)

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