Sometimes I think about the fact that the three most-referenced pop culture films loved by right-wing dudebros are the product of two trans women (THE MATRIX, V FOR VENDETTA) and a gay man (FIGHT CLUB).

@alis yeah see this is why whenever i make content i am sure to make it Extremely Gay

@alis but but but but the protags are all straight men! Wait....(looks at Evie the woman, at the narrator thirsting over Tyler and Angleface bisexually).

1 of the protags is a straight man!

@dancinbutterfly I mean, more to the point, one film is specifically a critique of how men peddling toxic masculinity exploit other men under capitalism (FIGHT CLUB), one is about resisting a false consciousness i.e. a specifically Marxist critique (THE MATRIX), and the third is literally about encouraging violent revolution to blow up fascists (V FOR VENDETTA).

Like... you get the feeling dudebros did not get As in media studies class, y'know?

@alis I mean. That would require critical thought. And then they would have to think. Critically.

@dancinbutterfly I mean... normally I would make a sarcastic comment in agreement but, like. The plot of V FOR VENDETTA is literally "fascism sucks let's blow it up!". Like, it's not even "let's analyze this subtext by referring to other critical theories". It's just... there. In the text. Said out loud by the characters in so many words.

Like, I can get how people miss the points of the other two films but... that one's always mystifying. You don't need to be a lit major to parse it, y'know?

That's the tea 🍵
Worth nothing that one of Fight Club's Very Explicit Messages is "Don't blindly follow any ideology or you'll end up becoming a mindless militant drone" and yet you see soo many guys around just. Blindly Following Ideologies like the ones the film warned against TvT

@alis The alt-right had their revenge, though, by making it impossible to refer to Red Pill in unironically or without qualification.

@lj_writes I mean, they've appropriated the shit out of all three films, which is kind of them problem. D:

@alis To be fair, I understand the movie Fight Club toned down a lot of the commentary that's less missable when you read the book.

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