@alis The Haunting of Hill House was good, but not my favorite. Have you read any of her other books? If not, I highly recommend We Have Always lived in The Castle.

@Kitcatwoman I’ve read a collection of her short stories, and really loved them, but she’s not particularly well-known here, so her stuff’s usually been hard to get!

@alis @Kitcatwoman We Have Always Lived in the Castle was the proverbial gateway drug in my reading Shirley Jackson. I recently finished The Haunting of Hill House, which totally messed with my head in the best kind of way. Any recs for her short stories?

@Whovian1994 @alis The only short story I remember reading was the Lottery, which was pretty messed up. When I have time, I need to read more of her stuff.

@Kitcatwoman @Whovian1994 The Lottery was my least favourite of her shorts that I’ve read (just from an anthology I bought), but it’s definitely the most accessible.

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