Also worth pointing out; that person signed up with the email address associated with their IRL name and work/school.

Like, kids. I know y'all aren't used to small-scale social media but, like. Don't. Do that. If you're gonna behave like this, huh?

@tparadox IKR? It's, like... the combination of "you suck and I hate you but also please like me and validate me and treat me like I'm special" is just... wild.

@alis Well you should be glad that they graced your pathetic website with their young, fresh enthusiasm for the best music on the planet and elevated you from the drone of the boring, smelly Olds who were here before.

@tparadox TBF I remember being like that when I was young and obnoxious so I suppose I can't judge too much. :P

(But also, like... I totally can because I totally remember being exactly like that, lol.)



I will totally judge. I mean yes I was a twunt back then, who wasn't, but I was never like THAT.


@alis holy shit, my 10yo and 12yo both know to never use your real name on the Internet AND NEVER EVER SIGN UP FOR ANYTHING USING YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESS

@enchantedsleeper @alis we're the only general fandom instance? Like, if you ctrl-F 'fandom' on the instance list, then you hit us?

@Gargron I like to think of yesterday as my "hm I wonder what being a mod on .social would be like?" training course. :P

@mal @alis New signups are closed (hence the tantrum), and invites might still be closed, but the ones who haven't actually broken the rules in a bannable way or left on their own are still here, just silenced so we don't have to look at their nonsense.

@mal I was gonna say "nah this is from yesterday" but lol one of them saw it and immediately subtooted about it in Local so... yes, apparently!

@alis Extremely the kind of person who needs to find a new praxis before looking for an invite.

@alis I maaaay have faved that post so that I can enjoy it for years to come. :3c

Or until it vanishes, I suppose.

I am still boggled -- what do they mean by "successful"? (Somehow I don't consider a server crash a success... :shrug:)

Ugh, I am spoiled by Discord. Sorry about the unemoji.

@phyrry @alis A lot of people don't realize that they are the product on most social sites, so they think their very presence somewhere makes a site a success (rather than money from their ad eyeballs and the sale of their personal data).

High engagement on masto doesn't increase revenue, it increases server cost lol.

@demitas @phyrry ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿผ Yu-uu-up.

@demitas @alis

Yeah, traffic is fundamentally detrimental without a way to profit from it (whee, marketing). That's why I was boggled by this "we make your site more successful" business... but if they think traffic = success... well, I guess I'm boggled in new and exciting ways now.

@phyrry @demitas Yeah, itโ€™s likeโ€ฆ my success metric here is having a community thatโ€™s enjoyable for its members. Yesterday wasโ€ฆ not that. For anyone. >_<

@phyrry It's a bizarre sort of sense of entitlement. Like the same peeps who say, "I'm basically free advertising, so it's in your business's best interest to give me free stuff."

Probably combined with the thought that "page hits" = "win".

@alis No one has asked me or accused me, but for the record this isn't me. I just signed up recently and came back to see this drama. Really regretting my name choice now... D:

@amy All good; different user names, different account details. ๐Ÿ’œ

@alis wow. I would think that for fandom ink to be a success you would just need to not have this person here. that's it.

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