Is… is there actually a single non-American nominee in any of the major Hugos categories this year?

“World” SFF award my fat, sunburnt ass…

@alis Point well taken. And in the same list, I'm guessing Rebecca Roanhorse is probably the first *Native* American best-novel finalist, which strikes me as . . . something.

@naga Sure, but the issues with the Hugos (and the "Worldcon" more generally) are more broadly structural. It's about access to US-based publishers, editors, cons, workshops, marketing and networking opportunities, and a general monocultural "voice". Diverse American voices (which I think the Hugos do represent) are still *American* voices, and they're winning out at the expense of *global* diversity.

@naga Like, disclaimer: Roanhorse's book is on my TBR pile, and I've enjoyed what of hers I've read. (And, disclosure: we also had the same agent, so I know what her marketing strategy would've been.)

But her book *didn't* get a wide release outside of the US (I had to special-order it here; I've never seen it in a store). Yet it ends up on a "global" list? 🤔

@naga None of which is to say it isn't a good work! Only that it's unambiguously benefited from structural privileges that other similar-but-non-USian works (Claire Coleman's TERRA NULLIUS comes immediately to mind) didn't.

@alis Oh, yes, definitely. And both Trail of Lightning and Terra Nullius are on the Fediverse's SFF book club reading list, which benefits from having a number of non-US participants.

@naga (And having said that; this is also true of most of the works on the Best Novel list. A lot of the works are not widely sold outside of US markets, and some of the American authors that repeatedly win Hugos aren't really known outside of the US *at all*.)

@alis Not to take away from your point, but I did see some UK representation (Charles Stross in Series and Doctor Who in Dramatic Presentation).

@alis It's like the baseball "world series", which features US-American sports teams, only.

@aeveltstra It's really... not, though?

Because the World Series is IDK... Americans being weird with naming. The WorldCon was always intended to be a global event (its origin was as a spin-off from the World's Fair, which are truly international).

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