So I used to have this script that would ping me on Discord when I sold books on Amazon (it helped track marketing KPIs, back when I cared about that) but the API is part of their advertising affiliate program and apparently because I wasn't "converting enough sales" they disabled my account.

Nice, A'zon. Cheers.

@alis They didn't distinguish between sales affiliate links and sales alerts? O_o

@lj_writes Getting sales data out of Amazon is notoriously difficult, because it's their primary IP. So KDP authors have a dashboard, but there's no API (so it's difficult to do external/real-time analytics). If you're a tradpubbed author like I was, you've basically got zero visibility.

Getting sales rank data from the affiliates API was kind of the "backdoor" way of doing it, but I guess Amazon is cracking down on that finally.

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