Excellent. Now I can go back to NEVER DOING ANOTHER FUCKING DUNGEON EVER AGAIN,* just like nature intended...

* Until I have to go unlock the fucking trolls...

Hee! Historically I've mostly been a mudder...I have played LOTRO, and I played wow for about 18m or so. My guild imploded and after that I was pretty much over it.

@lindentreeisle Haha yeah I basically just solo WoW and have done so since, like, TBC. The game itself nowadays is so very obviously Not Aimed At Me, but I still really like the visuals and some of the individual zone story quests can be pretty cool.

I did like a lot of the solo content- at the time I played the Wrath of the Lich King expansion was new, and I really enjoyed a lot of the Northrend content.

I had a blast doing 25-man raids though, usually on Friday or Saturday night, and you gotta have a good group to do those.

@lindentreeisle You’d probably like BfA then, lol; pretty much everything is designed around getting players into raids and mythic dungeons…


I wouldn't want to come back wo friends...anyway, it never works when I try to go back to multiplayer games I was deep into. You can't go home again. 😋😉 That's been my experience anyway.

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