TIL that Slack was formerly Glitch.

I think I knew this, somewhere, somehow, but had forced myself to forget it. I played Glitch in its beta (alpha?) and it was... cute.

Apparently it even still exists, after a fashion:

@Satsuma I believe the official story is that Slack was the tool developed to help the devs communicate with the development of Glitch. They just... removed the game and commodified the tool.

@alis Wait, Slack as in the chat app??? You mean the same studio/devs did it?

I played Glitch a lot, I was sad to see it go. It was pretty awesome that the studio released the whole code and assets as Open Source - that's why Children of Ur exist. (Never played that one.)

@alis One bizarre outcome of that: the kindergarten nearby uses a graphic pattern/illustration on their walls and fences and the creator clearly used clip art to make it... including A LOT of the Glitch character models. It feels pretty bizarre to walk past it every day.

@annathecrow lol yup.

I confess to being a bit "meh" on Glitch itself; I thought it was cute, but I'm Extremely Solo Player so it wasn't qui-ii-ite the game for me to play, long term. Like, I enjoyed what I did play of it, but there wasn't quite... enough? Or something?

@alis Oh, yeah, I get what you mean. The focus was heavily on the casual game element and the graphics/visual style - there was almost no story, not much for quests and such...

I played it to relax and it was incredibly good at that. Games can turn into stressors for my type of people, and as it turns out it's really hard to get too serious about milking butterflies and tickling pigs XD

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