Reading up on MONSTER OF THE WEEK before our game and…

My big Issue with PbtA games is they tend to be both, like… too prescriptive and too vague, all at the same time? Like stats and abilities are all super-simplified, which is fine, but then… moves are super prescriptive at the same time?

Like, try and play for e.g. MONSTERHEARTS as an investigative game and see what I mean.

And, like. TBF it does vary by implementation, like. A lot. Games likes BLADES IN THE DARK I think deal with it a lot better, for example.

@alis how open is it to modification/rule-improv? That’s one of the things that keeps me playing D&D5, but I’ve been thinking of running something based on Apocalypse World in the next couple of months.

@alaroldai I mean, like… given the number of games that implement wildly different versions of it…

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