So: question for people with marginalized identities (of any sort).

We're currently putting together the monster anthology submissions call, and we want to include a segment encouraging submissions from marginalized creators, but aren't entirely sure how to word it.

So I guess my question is: any advice? Things you've seen before that really worked for you, or really *didn't* work? And, if you don't mind sharing, why?

It's probably worth mentioning that all the core editorial team have various marginalized identities that are... I guess not expressed explicitly, but at least implied in our bios (e.g. via our names, the sorts of stories we write, etc.). So part of the issue is we all know what would work (or not work) for each of us personally... and those experiences don't wholly mesh. Hence seeking other input/ideas.

@alis tbh we’ve never been hugely fussed about the exact language as long as it’s clearly not tokenistic, but that’s...probably not much help, sorry, we’ll try to find an example or two we can recommend and why

we’re also curious: where will this call appear once it’s ready? “monster anthology” sounds like our jam

@alexis Thank you!

And it's not officially announced for another few weeks yet (TBH I probably shouldn't even be talking about it here, lol), so... check back then? 😅

@alis duly noted! is there an announcement newsletter we can sign up for or sth? the last call we wanted to write for we only heard about like 2 days before it closed and didn’t have enough time to do anything and the FOMO is therefore kinda real...

@alexis Well. I can say the submissions call will open on the 17th, and I'll announce it here.

There is a caveat, though, in that it won't be open to everyone in the whole world; subs will primarily be from Australian authors, with a few other permitted categories.

@alis ah, gotcha; we’ll keep an eye out in any case, and thanks!

@alis This might not be the best advice, but language regarding that you're seeking writers from all walks of life and that you're actively hoping to give opportunities to those who may not have access to them.

A nod to the "confidence gap" has helped me, too. I know a lot of marginalized people question their skills. (I know I do!)

I'm willing to give the benefit of doubt to language that sounds up front and sincere, slightly more informal in tone. I tend to side eye thing that sound like an inclusivity statement issued by the PR because let's face it, the people who wrote those care more about their reputation than being your allies.

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