... oh no YouTube recommended me the pew poo man.

That's it. The infection has started. I'm sorry everyone. Tell my family I loved them, but this is for the best. *burns internet connection to the ground*

@alis Isnt that really because of the quality of videos you're ALREADY watching 😂

@TheWebRecluse I mean... no?

Like most of the stuff I watch on YouTube is, like, LeftTube-style analysis videos, so...

@alis Their sneaky algorithm has got you in it's clutches then 🤣

@alis man i got him recommended suddenly again too :/ i do watch gaming stuff tho, but it's still really strange bc he doesn't even play games i watch and i usually get only ytbers who do

@alis I get him recommended all the time even though every time it happens I do the "not interested in this channel" thing. it's infuriating

@Brennuvargur I've mostly managed to avoid it so far, but I'm also extremely diligent about going through and "not interested in this content"-ing every "suggestion" YouTube gives me that's not from one of my manually subscribed channels, lol.

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