WIZARDS OF THE COAST: Dragonborn have no tails.

D&D FANS: Ahahaha no.

WOTC: And tieflings are almost always red.

FANS: H e l l s no.

@alis what is the point of playing a dragonborn without a tail??? or the option of tails???

@alis wait what, i thought tieflings were usually purple o.O the players handbook has a purple tiefling i think...

@Laisai Technically tieflings are just any human with fiend blood in their heritage, but in 5e the story is almost all garden variety player character tieflings are the descendants of Asmodeus (who’s a big red dude) because of metaplot reasons, which is why they all look sort of like him.

@alis oh huh, did not know that. was that in the PHB or is there another source for D&D lore?

@Laisai The stuff about them being red is, but AFAICT (I have D&D Beyond's version of the text but not the actual book with me) not the Asmodeus stuff, which much be in one of the other books?

There are also variant tielfing rules in a few splats that go more into the "non-Asmodean" legacies, and some of the non-human-fiend-crosses are in the Monster Manual (and more are in the 3e and 4e manuals, since they haven't been formally ported over to 5e).

@Laisai (Also worth pointing out this is all for the Forgotten Realms setting specifically, I guess; teiflings may work differently in other 'verses.)

The FR wiki has the all-in-one-place summary, with references:

@alis ooh, thanks! my dnd friend/dm said one of the wikis was disreputable so I wasn't sure which source to look at! 👀 I'm also in the midst of figuring out how to homebrew my own ancient chinese (~200-900ad) setting so knowing more about the "default" setting would be helpful! 😊

@Laisai I mean define "disreputable" probably, lol; DnD has been around for so long and there are so many different editions and versions and 'verses it's kind of like... a choose-your-own-adventure for what you consider to be the current "canon" lol.

If you wanna read the 5e books, though, I own most of them on D&D Beyond; if you have an account there I can set up a a shell "game" and share them with you?

@Laisai (Also that setting sounds awesome!)

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