ME: *sitting in the bath at 8:30pm on a Sunday* Man… you know what would make this amazing? A bath pillow.

*googles “best bath pillow” at 8:31 after remembering she lives in The Future*

*places order at 8:55 after reading multiple review sites*

ME: Nailed it.

(Of course since this is Australia it will still take like a month to ship here but… hey. It’s something!)


Bath pillow update: it arrived and it is s o g o o d omg how did I ever live without this?

@alis 👀 what did you get? i also would love a bath pillow, it is one of my least favorite parts of baths (which i love otherwise)

@alis wow, that's a fancy one! now if i get a bathtray and a waterproof e-reader, I'll never have to leave the bath again 😂 (i used to have a waterproof phone... i miss it lol)

@Laisai Haha. I just use my regular phone and... pray to the Phone Gods that I don't drop it in the bath. :P

(Though apparently the X is water resistant? So... phew, lol.)

@alis ooh that's good! water resistant = okay to have water on top, submerging is not suggested/approved (but a quick dip *might* be okay). my old sony xperia z1 compact was totally waterproof, even had a camera button so you could take underwater pictures! i miss that phone... 😭 xperias arent too common here and so they're hella expensive, but they're so nice! especially since they have smaller models for my small hands 😂

@Laisai Yeah the X can apparently handle water up to a meter, but I'm not in a huge rush to test it out, lol. :P

(I once accidentally wore my Apple Watch into the wet sauna and it survived, though, so... The Apple stuff's relationship with water is definitely getting better!)

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