TIL you can get black kookaburras and they are like if a wizard turned that guy from the Cure into a bird.


Robert Smith turned into a kookaburra is an RPF story I'd probably read, ngl

@kissmeagainarthas Complete with minor key cover of “Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree”!


Kookaburras are awesome in all forms, but I never knew these existed!

True story, I only went to college because they had a mean kookaburra that glared at me during the opening day tour.

Can't remember if I've done a #VicorvaStorytime about this but if I haven't I really should at some point.


"that guy from the Cure" ... a part of me is dying ...

"the lady from Birdbox"

@alis what if that guy from the Cure WAS turned into a bird tho?


or rather several birds?

like.... every black kookaburra is actually that guy from The Cure? all at once.

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