One of the positives about getting older is getting to see movies you liked but everyone else panned turn into Cult Classics™️.

@alis patiently waiting for this to happen to the 2003 Daredevil movie

@alis wait, now I'm curious... which ones you've witnessed so far?

@annathecrow Specifically prompted by seeing a FIFTH ELEMENT gif set on Tumblr (the film was absolutely panned here when it came out).

Other contenders include FIGHT CLUB, DONNIE DARKO, OFFICE SPACE, TANK GIRL, BRAZIL, EVENT HORIZON, and THE BOONDOCK SAINTS (all films that tanked in theatres and got “big” on later releases).

@alis that's pretty cool.

It makes me curious about the out-of-cinema sales of movies these days, though. Can a film pay for its production through streaming, the way it did through vcr/dvd sales? I might need to poke at that.

@annathecrow It's definitely a different market, though I'd suspect social media has changed the way virality happens in the cinemas *a lot* compared to e.g. the 90s (where you were usually waiting for TV runs or word-of-mouth VHS momentum).

@annathecrow Like my most obvious point of comparison for that would be SORRY TO BOTHER YOU, which didn't even get a cinema release here, but that I watched later on Netflix based on social media recommendations.

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