So IN THE TALL GRASS has the most hilariously bad CPR scene I think I've ever seen in a film, like... ever?

Unless it turns out to be MAGIC EVIL FAKE CPR because REASONS or whatever, just... lol.

I mean I'm not a doctor but I'm pre-ee-ee-ety sure CPR isn't the correct treatment for, like. Heatstroke.

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@alis I haven't watched it myself, but I heard the movie as a whole was pretty bad.

@Kitcatwoman It has some cool ideas and set-pieces, but it's very... KingHill* and all the characterisation and character arcs feel very dated and predictable, which stands out A LOT in the current horror climate.

* I'm a fan of both, but... ye-ee-eah they have A Formula, y'know?

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