So we finally managed to get a pick-up one-shot of at the nerdshop last night, and big shout-out to the DM who managed to keep his cool despite the fact I managed to destroy his campaign idea by being the only D&D player ever to remember the spell Mage Hand exists.

(It involved a lot of "navigate this trap room to retrieve a small gemstone you can see roughly 29 feet away" style puzzles which... oop.)


Shockingly the third trap room had the stone suddenly *forty five* feet away... but luckily for me my Sorcerer premade had the Extend Spell metamagic (so the DM really has no one to blame but himself) so that was easy.

In the final room it was buried under magic quicksand, so props to the DM for thinking on his feet. (Luckily the party had like 250 feet of rope and a dwarf who was good at holding her breath.)

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