Apparently Tumblr has group chats now?

I mean… guess this answers that whole, “Will Automattic do something good with the service or will they keep adding in garbage ‘engagement’ features no one wants” question…

(Though it does seem to hint they’ve realised Discord is one of their biggest competitors?)

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@alis I think that's a pre-Automattic idea - I got a beta invite way too early after the sale announcement to be new.

@annathecrow Aaah, possibly? I tend to avoid all mention of real-time chat with strangers so...

(And as someone who... does want Tumblr to get better under Automattic's control I... really hope things will get better. u_u)

@alis I understand that if there are people you blocked in the group chat, the block doesn't affect your experience of the chat other than helpfully warning you that Name is here and you'll be able to see what they say.

As the chats are public.... Still not my jam.

I set up some for bangs I run, just to stop people trying to grab them.

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